It’s not the journey, but the destination that matters.

Jim Delany asks, “what’s your point?”.


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9 responses to “It’s not the journey, but the destination that matters.


    But I thought the Big 10 was loaded??


  2. Cojones

    Wisconsin is the team that I thought had the best chance to supplant PSU in the top four and that would include ND in the top four as well. Now, maybe not so much, but there certainly will be a big push for Delaney’s Bigly to be represented. Hoping they kill each other off.


    • Minnesota Dawg

      Nope. Six weeks from now, it will be one loss Ohio State (after beating Wisc in the Big 10 championship) and one loss Penn State (after their loss to OSU this weekend). Both will be getting lots of love from all of the usual suspects.


  3. And the Dawgs have one left. Plus two games which historically give us fits- SoCaro and UF. Plus Kentucky (we almost lost last year), and Tech.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    In all likelihood the Big10++++ will have the Badgers vs. Saturday’s PSU/tOSU winner in their championship game.

    My dread is that we’ll end up playing the #3 B1G team in an 11:00 am bowl game if we don’t win the secc. If the prospects of that scenario doesn’t motivate the Dawgs to keep winning, nothing will.


  5. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Where is the guy that was disputing the Brady Hoke comparison?


  6. Bulldog Joe

    The Big Ten West is approaching an SEC East level of futility.