Monday morning buffet

I’m already thinking about my Friday morning breakfast at T-Ray’s… er, focus, Blutarsky.

  • Need to get your mind right for Florida?  Here’s one suggestion(h/t Three Year Letterman)
  • Jerry Palm explores the possibility of two teams from the same conference getting into the CFP.
  • Georgia’s five-year cycle.
  • One thing I appreciate about Bill Connelly is that he never stops thinking of new ways to look at stats.  Here’s a piece about the question “At what point does play-calling begin to shift?”
  • “One of the weird things about figuring out how to judge teams throughout a season is that being too dominant can sometimes work against a team.”  Some people would call that Dawgrading.  Just sayin’.
  • Jake Fromm now has a burger named for him.
  • Will Dell McGee be a candidate for the open Georgia Southern job?


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16 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Chopdawg

    Already in Fla, and the sweetie behind the counter at the Marathon gas station near Lake City just had to show me her necklace with the little Gator on it.

    She was kind of cute, so I let her off with a severe GO DAWGS!


  2. Mayor

    Brian Bohannan of KSU is probably the best fit for the Georgia Southern job. He runs a high powered spread option offense and has brought KSU along the right way developing a winning tradition since day one. I would hate to see him go.


  3. Loandonkey

    No self-respecting Georgia fan should ever stoop so low as to participate in the kind of antics as articulated in that first article. A true Georgia fan who wanted to clearly demonstrate their dawgdom would just walk up to the car and piss on the tire.


    • I could get on board with urinating on a Gator fan’s tires, provided you are either barking or yelling out the “What’s that coming down the track?” chant while in engaged in said act to ensure the correct message is sent.


      • 3 Year is right they are UFraud . Overall a well reasoned and very thoughtful piece and certainly one that counsels the very restraint that I ,personally plan on exercising this weekend.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Are you feeling it brothers and sisters?



    Who is George?


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    If I was the owner of Bell’s in Athens, I’d see what I could do about selling my own Fromm Burger. You’d be a copycat, but you’d get a lot of business from folks who don’t live near Houston County. And, you’d probably sell a bunch of buns, onions potato salad, beer, etc. that would have otherwise been bought at Kroger or Publix.

    Jerry Palm’s scenario where we end up playing Miami on December 30 in the Orange Bowl is so depressing that I hope Kirby uses it as motivation to just win out, especially the SECCG. I did take pleasure in the fact that when he talked about Miami’s big wins GT was not mentioned. 🙂


  7. Senator, In case you missed it… The Down Under is back in business just in time for the WLOCP.


  8. Skeptic Dawg's Better Half Relative

    The irony of the Fromm burger patties available in Warner Robins is Fromm himself couldn’t try to sell these because it would be an NCAA violation for trying to use his name, identity or likeness.
    Wonder if the NCAA will send them a cease and desist letter if it gets wind of their Fromm patty.