Motivational stone

Boys, do it for Sony.

Michel, who is from Hollywood, Fla., said the game is “special because it’s our last go-round, my last go-round. Try to call this the victory lap. Try to make this the best one.”


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27 responses to “Motivational stone

  1. Rebar

    My biggest fear is that we start pounding the Gators and they get it in their heads to hurt one of our star players to derail our season even if they can’t beat us. It is past time to make Florida cry.


    • dawgtired

      That’s always a worry. But it will take more than one star player going down these days. We have them stacked like cordwood.

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      • J-Dawg

        UF has always had a penchant for dirty plays. This is a big concern for me. It would kill me to see Nick, Sony or Fromm take a cheap shot and go down for the season. Mud stomp these bastards and get out of town after we give them some well deserved misery.


    • Macallanlover

      An injury can always occur, but they will play hard then lie down and quit in the 2nd half. Would be more worried about the dirty play under an Urbie coached team than under McElwain. Not sure this Florida team is all that into it any more, despite the usual mouth running. Certainly would love to give Sony a nice goodbye gift from Jacksonville, and confident we will.

      I don’t see the huge beat down, just a solid win and move on down the road. Maybe a 27-10 type win, doubt the 40-7 type predictions, although it is possible if FU turns it over a few times. Very little offensive threat but they are capable of playing a tough defensive game.

      Dawgs win, Dawgs win!


      • Mayor

        McElwain doesn’t have control of the team like Myer did. If something bad was done by an FU player it had Myer’s tacit if not actual approval. I’m not worried about an injury caused by FU dirty play because the Dawgs are the more physical team. It’s more likely FU players are going to be carried off the field than the other way around.


  2. 81Dog

    Win one for the Haitian Sensation!!!!!!!!!! And Nick Chubb, and Davin Bellamy and all the other seniors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. DawgByte

    It’s finally time to exercise past demons and pulverize the Gators.


  4. Thorn Dawg

    38-13 Dawgs


    • Dolly Llama

      I’m thinking 34-10. Four TDs and two FGs for us, and a defensive TD and a FG for them. But I like your prediction as well.


  5. Gene Simmons

    Break a “metal steel chair” over their heads!


  6. mwo

    I hope after tomorrow that stadium is called Ever Bark field instead of Ever Bank.


  7. sniffer

    Kirby and McEllwain worked together at Bama. I don’t see a blood letting unless the gators play really dirty. Then Smart might let the Dawgs hunt


  8. If the opportunity is there we need to smash them and not let off until :00 is on the clock.


  9. Cojones

    A Hummer wrote that FU’s untested WRs have to step up because Cleveland isn’t 100%. That’s it. That’s the only way they can prevail. Does anyone want to bet that those kids won’t catch enough passes to make it competitive? I’m not.


    • Jared S.

      My birdseye view (or is it bird-brained?) is that this isn’t a year for evaluating player or position or unit matchups for this game.

      It doesn’t matter how many passes their guys catch because their coach is proving he doesn’t have the discipline or focus to build a great football program.

      I don’t know why there’s so much being written about how tricky this game is going to be. It’s not. Kirby is building a machine and the Shark Humper is building on the slow self-destruction of Florida which Boom started before him.

      Unfortunately many of us have been fooled by the fact that UF has won the East twice and beaten us soundly three times in the last three years. We are scared to death this magical awful game in Jacksonville is going to be close….

      You’ll all figure out which way the wind is blowing when there isn’t any orange and blue left in the stands shortly after the fourth quarter begins.


  10. Busta

    There’ll be no magic here, Kirby has these Dawgs playing too consistently. I don’t foresee The Dawgs letting off the gas either, the only way to actually do so with our deep talent is to kneel the ball…any RB can/will break a long one as well our “second string” QB can score! I thought about making the trip from Tampa, but I’d be passed out on the street after celebrating…GO DAWGS!!!