Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. 

If you’re in the neighborhood today, we’re tailgating in Lot X. We’re up against the back fence. Our tailgate looks like this as you approach :

Come on by!


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10 responses to “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. 

  1. Bob

    Am definitely going to try and make it by. Go Dawgs.


  2. 86BONE

    Having coffee sitting in front of a nice fire, about 1 mile outside of downtown Houston….we have a World Series going on out here guys, but thinking of y’all on the banks of the St. John River….win this one for Erk and make it count!


    • Russ

      Hey 86, do you ever go down to the game watching parties in Houston? I might run into you there.

      Go ‘Stros! Go Dawgs!


      • 86BONE

        Not aware of any, however I live a three iron between Platypus and Holler and could meet you there on my beach cruiser any day! HTown is pretty crazy right now and we gonna have a Dawg on the mound tonight for Big Blue…gotta pull for Alex!


  3. Ole Dokes

    You cast a long shadow, Sir! Now GATA!! Go Dawgs!


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    21-0 halfway through the first quarter. This will not help McElwain BBQ sauce sales.


    • Uglydawg

      W Cobb…the thread just before this on ( Gameday Post) is where most are making comments during the game..
      And the second quarter kind of disturbed me…Hope we come out and get a lot more in the third and fourth.


  5. Athens Townie

    LOL, well, Kirby did say he was expecting to see Zaire in as QB.


  6. Nashville West

    Brings back great memories of riding to the game with you, Senator, in 1982 and yelling at Gator fans while hanging out of your sunroof. Truly a great day.


  7. rchris

    Go tailgate in Montana. Everybody will know our name there after Tuesday.