The curious incident of the Dawg in the night-time

Normally I get a few posts off in the day or two leading up to the Cocktail Party.  That hasn’t been the case this year.  It isn’t because I haven’t had the time.  It’s because there really hasn’t been much of anything to blog about.

A no-drama week in front of Georgia-Florida?  Where’s the angst?  Where’s the fake braggadocio?

Actually, it’s all been on the Gators’ side.  Kinda weird, no?

I take it as another sign of the growth in discipline of this team this season.  Bodes well for today.


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25 responses to “The curious incident of the Dawg in the night-time

  1. CoastieDawg

    I will remain cautiously optimistic for the game today…


  2. J-Dawg

    I also am cautiously optimistic, but I hope and believe that UGA will come out of the tunnel all business and proceed to take the gators apart. I’m trusting that Kirby will have them disciplined enough to avoid stupid penalties for fighting, etc. that could hurt us. I want us to project that we are a National Championship caliber team and will not be denied. If we win this the way we should then nothing will stand in our way to Atlanta and beyond. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 81Dog

      That may be the most impressive thing this year. Except maybe for Notre Dame, who I feel we let stay in the game with penalties and drops, yet still crushed with our D enough to win, this team hs been methodically relentlessly efficient, especially in the 2nd half. Our A game crushes their A game,if we can bring it again today.


  3. 81Dog

    Could Kirby do for us what Spurrier did for them? Can we beat them down so hard the script flips? Even when we won 3 in a row, it never felt like they came in with any feeling other than “of course we will beat them.” It took a while for UGA to realize the Gators no longer feared us, and now they KNEW that they were going to beat us, when Spurrier arrived.

    They say these things are cyclical. Tennessee had our number, Auburn had our number, then the last 15 years, they don’t. And still don’t. Maybe the time has come with Florida, too.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Kill the Gators, Kill the Gators
    C-I-L-L …
    The Gators


  5. stuckinred

    GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Calling his actions uncharacteristic, Florida coach Jim McElwain said Wednesday he was wrong to bring up death threats that “happened in the past.”

    McElwain provided some insight into the threats while expressing remorse for the firestorm he caused and all those it affected.

    “It’s just something that came up and obviously was on my mind,” he said following practice. “It doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t make it right to air that laundry.”


  6. OrlandoDawg

    That is a great header. Curious indeed.



    The Dawgs will have no mercy today. Culture change in Jacksonville begins today. Go Dawgs!


  8. Jared S.

    Weird indeed.

    Absolutely no reason to fear we might be in trouble today.

    Revenge is sweet (in sports) and today is going to be a sugar overload.


  9. ActuaryDawg

    Nice Doyle reference in the title there. The Dawgs definitely have not barked over these two weeks.


  10. 86BONE

    About to get fun again around Athens. The new sheriff has locked down our state and every great athlete wants to come to UGA to win a NC. No time for any Bull Shit…


  11. lakedawg

    Everyone leaving St Simons today with no worries at all about gaturs.


    • Macallanlover

      As everyone should. UGA will win this game and maybe, just maybe Dawg fans can deal with the present, and the future, and stop letting FU fans and the media lead them into negative territory. Stop being a sheep, believe in this team. Love the discipline the 2017 team is showing on, and off, the field. Just a business trip. Don’t care if we cover, take care of business and get out of there with no injuries. Win, and advance.


  12. AusDawg85

    Would love to see…and half expect…our players to come out of the tunnel with minimal woofing and jumping around. Strictly business, follow the process, focus on the immediate task at hand. Kirby gets them to follow that kind of lead, then….well, he’s a sly one.


  13. Mayor

    This Georgia team is disciplined and physical. The Dawgs will systematingly dismantle the Gators today! GATA!!!


  14. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Got to wonder what the Gators are thinking today with all their talk that didn’t produce a response. Bet they’re not used to that. Maybe puts some doubt in their little, saurian minds. Got to be good for us.


  15. 86BONE

    Leonard’s loser….the lizards by 17
    Red Clay Hounds dominate the run game and look towards the rising crimson tide in Atlanta…..get me outa here Percy!


  16. Cojones

    A few posts appear to be Dawgs whistling while walking through the graveyard. That’s healthy , but I’m wondering why FU put their players out front furnishing the juice by mouth this week, but with no specifics of how they plan to defeat us.

    Marcus Spears also said that FU would have to come out with their hair on fire to stand a chance and that they would have to play like maniacs just to stay in the game. I agree that kamikaze tactics will only last so long, but they have done this before and made this the end-all game of FU’s season.

    We have the chance to put fire under another SEC coach, one that we don’t especially care for and who has a quivering lower lip. His school doesn’t care for him either so we should just end his misery.

    Here’s hoping the Dawgs have nothing but “SIC’EM” on their minds.


    • 81Dog

      Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth. We have come out punching every game this season. Apres moi, le deluge, Gators.


  17. News at 7 in jax……nothing to see here, just road kill of gators everywhere……lets move on to next week with no losses…no worries….GO DAWGS!


  18. SouthGaDawg

    I love the “new” sense of discipline that Kirby has brought to the UGA defense. No more trash talking and jawing after the play; the best tackling team in the SEC, hands down! No more shoulder bumps! This defense is an unselfish thing of beauty, and the main reason to feel confident about today’s outcome!


  19. Bard Parker