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A little history for you:

14 Previous Georgia teams have been undefeated when they played Florida. Those teams compiled an 11-2-1 record against the Gators. However, the two losses were suffered by the two most recent undefeated Georgia teams to face Florida. The Gators took a 14-10 victory over 7-0 Georgia in 2005 and a 20-13 victory over 8-0 Georgia in 2002. In both cases, the Bulldogs rebounded to win the SEC championship. This year’s Georgia team has a 7-0 record heading into Saturday’s game against Florida in Jacksonville, Florida.

There’s a modest streak that needs breaking.


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13 responses to “Today’s random stat

  1. I believe the Dawgs will roll the gators! Go Dawgs!


  2. Dave

    Not to play woulda could shoulda, but we woulda could and shoulda beaten them in 2005, but Shockley was out.

    JTIII gave a valiant effort, but it was not to be.

    For the record, not sure we win today if Ramsey is helming.


    • UGA85

      Think about this. We lost our supposedly all world quarterback the first game of this season, and look who we had ready to back him up. Jake Fromm is a great example of injuries no longer being an excuse at UGA. To me, we should beat Florida handily with either quarterback today.


      • The Truth

        Speaking of injuries being an excuse, can anyone believe the fall of Free Shoes U is all on losing their QB? Aren’t elite programs a little more resilient than that?


        • Macallanlover

          Not at all, their defense should have been capable of getting them through a couple of those. But Blackman is very “deer in the heads like” looking. Add a bad OL and a team that seems to have given up and they are really, really up against it. They still have Clemson and FU to deal with, only sure win is Delaware State. Don’t see them making a bowl with only 11 games this season.


      • Dave

        It’s a fair point. Just pointing out what was, not what should have been.


    • Aubrey E walker

      And Eason wouldn’t win the game either


  3. The Truth

    The beating UF part needs breaking, not the winning the SEC championship part.

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  4. AusDawg85

    We need to break a lot of things in JAX.


  5. Russ

    Back then, Florida WAS in our head but I think that began to change around 2010 with Murray. This team has a completely different mindset than any Dawg team I’ve seen in many years (Dooley probably). Today’s game is just the next step. Kirby knows the history but he also knows how to have this team prepared.

    It will be close early but we will roll them in the second half. I just hope Kirby gets to practice his 2-point conversion to make our final tally 57 instead of merely 56. Florida will need a busted play or deep turnover to score more than 14.