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Second random B-M post 

On the other hand, McGarity is probably warming the cockles of his heart with the thought of what he’s about to do with ticket prices and Hartman Fund contributions. 


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First random B-M thought 

If you’re a little bummed about Kirby’s success rubbing off on McGarity and need something to make you feel better, just consider what this off-season’s negotiations with Jimmy Sexton are going to be like. 


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Davin Bellamy, my hero

He Gator Chomped in the end zone after the Reed score and lived to tell the tale.

Fifth-year senior outside linebacker Davin Bellamy punctuated a Georgia defensive touchdown with his own “Gator Chomp” after safety J.R. Reed’s touchdown on a three-yard fumble recovery in the third quarter.

“They beat us for three years straight,” Bellamy said. “I just felt like that was the perfect time to do it and also we heard and we saw the things that were being said through social media all week. … We came out here and we talked with our helmets.”

He is an immortal.  I will hear no dissent on the matter.



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Best bye week ever?


Let’s recap:

  • Most lopsided Georgia win in the series in 35 years
  • Worst week of Florida football since the beginning of the Spurrier era
  • The UF athletic administration looking even more feckless than Greg McGarity
  • This:

Yeah, I think that qualifies.


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