First random B-M thought 

If you’re a little bummed about Kirby’s success rubbing off on McGarity and need something to make you feel better, just consider what this off-season’s negotiations with Jimmy Sexton are going to be like. 


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  1. Missouri wins SEC East 2 years in a row. Next year the coach retires.

    Florida wins SEC East 2 years in a row. Next year the coach retires.

    If Kirby is planning to win the SEC East this year and next, he better get that contract nice and secure. Something is cursed with the SEC East! 😛


  2. Chris

    Why would any Georgia fan be bummed about Kirby’s success rubbing off on McGarity?

    That’d be like a taxpaying American worrying that all of Trump’s winning is going to help the GOPe midterm elections.

    Mutual exclusivity.


  3. Jack Burton

    Hoping Kirby, Dell, Schumann and Mel get huge boosts.


  4. Argondawg

    Smart keeps winning he can carry McGarity and I am fine with that. How many high profile college jobs are about to come open? UF, UTk, Nebraska, Arkansas and that’s just the real obvious ones. It’s going to be a crazy silly season and we are in a prime position to take full advantage of the chaos. Go Dawgs!

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  5. 92 grad

    Is Kirby a Sexton guy?


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I’m a little less worried about how much CKS makes and a little more worried about keeping our assistants with all the openings that are likely to come up.

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  7. W Cobb Dawg

    That assumes Kirby is in favor of keeping Greg Mediocrity around. My guess is Kirby wants a capable a.d. that can help the football program. He doesn’t want recruits banned from Jax. He doesn’t want a Ludicris contract fiasco. McG’s a public relations f#*kup who’s been mailing it in for years. Is that gonna fly with somebody like Kirby for a long time? I think McG’s tried to knuckle down lately while keeping a low profile. But with his list of screw-ups he’s never far from a forced retirement.

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  8. junkyardawg41

    Bluto, really would like your insight into the Kirby effect on the SECe. You had several posts earlier this season that addressed how Saban has downgraded the league in a search for coaches… would be curious as to your insight into what Smart is doing to the east right now. Obviously, Butch is dead man walking…. If Smart struggled… do you think Butch and McElwain are fired?


  9. J.G.

    Saw McGirty all by his lonesome at the back of the end zone after I think Sony’s TD, wearing a shit-eating grin. Sony & Co. didn’t even glance in his direction. DGDs.


  10. lakedawg

    McG got several boos when introduced Saturday, not sure if Ga or fla fans or both.