Damn, Bill Hancock just moved his lips again.

That’s bad news for either Georgia or Alabama.


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20 responses to “Damn, Bill Hancock just moved his lips again.

  1. JarvisCrowell

    If he actually means what he says, big IF I know. I would think that’s good news for us in the event of a SECCG loss.


  2. Dudemankind

    Do we get extra points for kicking Florida’s ass so hard they fired the coach the next day?


  3. JT

    Did you see his press conference, that dude was fired before the gators ever took the field,


  4. The Truth


    I think this take by Ryan McGee at ESPN.com is pretty good.

    How about this scenario: UGA’s only loss is to Bama by 3 in the SECCG; ND’s only loss is by 1 to UGA; Miami’s only loss is by 7 or less to ND.

    Far fetched? Sure. But barring Wisconsin being undefeated, how could you make a logical argument that Bama, UGA, ND, and Miami should’t line up in that order?


    • dawgtired

      This was a scenario I eluded to in another post. But, I’m guessing the committee will work hard to get a mix of teams that have not yet played each other. TV ratings, happy fans and such. I know I would not be interested in seeing 2 B10 teams play for a second time if the opportunity presented itself.


    • dawgtired

      P.S. I’m going to feel terribly cheated if a close lose to the number one team in the nation keeps us out of the playoff…just saying.


      • Otto

        Cheated maybe the right feeling but it could pay off big in the long run.


      • Dawg in Lutz

        Why does everyone keep analyzing what will happen if UGA loses a clost one to Bama? What happens to Bama when UGA beats them? The Dawgs are going to win the SEC and be the top seed in the playoffs! let’s think positive and stop worrying about what will happen if we lose.

        GO DAWGS!!


        • J-Dawg

          You keep forgetting what kept us out of the party in previous years. There is a UGA bias out there that is real. That is what worries me.


      • Gaskilldawg

        Especially if a team with one loss to an unranked team gets in over us, such as Clemson.


  5. MGW

    If we win the SEC, there should only be one team per conference. If we lose, clearly the best 4 should be in regardless.

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  6. Mayor

    If Hancock had his way it would be bad news for BOTH Bama and Georgia.


  7. 92 grad

    This whole post by senator is precisely why the goal is to win the conference. Anything beyond that is just entertainment, not sport. It’s the tug of war between idealists and pragmatists, same as it ever was.