Never retreat.

Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.


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  1. Otto

    Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if his career took the same basic trajectory as it did at UF, adjusted for the power of both programs of course.


    • Saxondawg

      Just the last second miracle win over Louisiana Tech should be enough to get ‘Champ that hardware. Come from behind win, all-time highlight reel stuff, considering Gamecock heritage.



    Perfect timing…


  3. “Kirby Smart is cleary having the better season but homer has to homer.”


  4. AusDawg85

    Somebody slide that quote under Kirby’s door. He’ll be sure to file it.


  5. Dawg93

    I think there should be a rule that says “if you lose at home to Kentucky, you’re automatically disqualified from winning SEC COTY”.


  6. OrlandoDawg

    My takeaway from the article is that neither one of them wants to answer the phone when the other one calls.

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  7. tbia

    I actually do believe Muschamp should be second in the voting.


    • Russ

      I have no problem with this. I think Sackerlina is playing about as well as they can at this point in the season. It’s just that their ceiling is a lot lower than ours.


  8. kfoge

    I find Spurrier entertaining but he truly hates everything Georgia. Can’t stand for them to receive anything positive.


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    Suprrier should know. Muschamp is doing a good job making chicken salad out of the chicken shit Spurrier left him.


  10. SemperFiDawg

    Shorter Steve Spurrier, “If you knew the crap heap I left him with when I just quit, walked off midseason, he’s done more with less.”


  11. PTC DAWG

    8-4 7-5 Coaches get nothing and like it.


  12. Spike

    Are there two better reasons to hate on the Cocks than Spurrier and that asshole Boom? I can’t think of any.


  13. noseanmorono

    Better lucky than good is a term that comes to mind with Boom and USC this year. But it’s impressive they have a winning record, to their credit.


  14. McTyre

    Guess with the Gators tanking and McElwain reportedly declining the OBC’s playcalling input, he have to live vicariously through his 2nd love. Would be so awesome if Spurrier – vicariously- is on the wrong end of consecutive a$$ whippings Sat.


  15. 69Dawg

    Think about what the administrations at UF and UT have done to their head coaches. The UT Ad and coach has to kiss Fullmer’s ring and the UF coach has the favorite son of the Gayturds in an office down the hall dropping in to offer advice. This is just a crazy way to run an athletic association.