“They can’t pass.”

I look forward to watching Chris Lammons’ first contact with D’Andre Swift after he catches a swing pass.

What is it about this year’s Georgia team that inspires weekly bulletin board material lately?

By the way, Groo shoots and scores with this shot.


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42 responses to ““They can’t pass.”

  1. ChiliDawg

    They hate us cuz they ain’t us

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  2. Thank you, guy I’ve never heard of.

    Maybe we can run the flea flicker right over your head like we did to MSU’s safeties.

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  3. ugafidelis

    A good ‘David Green-esqe’ play action TD over the top of that safety on play one would be beautiful to watch.

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  4. All these loose lips when these teams are so clearly outgunned is odd to be sure. This Lammons character must need something to get him thru the week.


  5. The Truth

    It’s called whistling past the graveyard, but make no mistake, the Cocks are next in the graveyard.

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  6. Jared S.

    Proving wrong other teams’ mouthy players week to week is getting to be a routine.

    It started with Josh Adams, Notre Dame’s star running back, prior to the Georgia game saying he had never heard of Sony Michel and Nick Chubb.

    Part of me hopes we don’t have to play ND again this year, but part of me really does…..


    • We played our worst game of the year on offense against ND and still beat them. We would wear their @$$3$ out now.


      • Otto

        I had rather play ND twice than Bama twice.

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      • Bazooka Joe

        I would hesitate to bet on that…. I have seen them play a few times since we played them and Id say they played crappy against us as well. They have looked pretty damned good lately, and against ranked competition.
        I think Id rather play Ohio State or whoever the third team is than ND again…. (lets make Urban cry like Bama did…)
        Unfortunately truth be told, we should probably root for ND to lose 1 more game. I think a 1 loss ND gets the nod over a 1 loss Georgia (assuming we are not SEC champs) for a playoff spot. Right or not, I see it playing out that way.


        • Jack Burton

          I’ve seen ND play every game since (and prior) to us. You might think they played “crappy” against us but in reality it was all our defense.

          Adams carried the ball 19 times for 53 yards. Wimbush 16 times for 1 yard.

          Their rushing attack was smothered. They were completely outmanned by our defense.

          They haven’t changed anything offensively since our game. It is just working against other defenses.

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        • dawgtired

          “I think a 1 loss ND gets the nod over a 1 loss Georgia”

          You are probably right about that but it would irritate me if a 11-1 ND jumps a 12-1 UGA, and their loss would be to us…it’s just not right. But we can stress about that later…still lots of games to play.


      • Reinmart

        Could that be because ND is the best defense we have faced?


  7. AusDawg85

    Something to watch for this Saturday…
    Fromm 1st half stats…4 rushes, 2 TD’s.
    Eason 2nd half stats…300 yards passing, 2 TD’s


  8. Uglydawg

    Smack talk is a cheap way to buy attention. It’s also a great way to end up looking like an idiot. Some of these kids seem intent on making the purchase.

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  9. Texas Dawg

    Nervous people have a habit of saying really stupid things

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  10. Fromm passing it would be fun, but I would rather just run it until they quit. There is nothing as demoralizing as when a defense knows what’s coming, but they still can’t stop it. 300 more rushing yards from RBU to go along with the best defense and special teams in the country, and it doesn’t matter if the offense can pass or not (spoiler: they can).

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    • Texas Dawg

      It would be fun to see them get a big lead early (they will) and then spend the last quarter or so just going after Lammons and lighting him up as much as possible. Kirby probably wont waste his time doing that, but one can dream.

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  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    Mr. Lammons, bless your heart. 😀


  12. The Truth

    The obvious answer is Mr. Lammons is taking Psych 101 and he just heard about this new-fangled thing called reverse psychology. See, he doesn’t want to get pounded all day by our 5-headed monster, so if he just insults us by saying we can’t pass then we’ll get away from what got us 8 wins and throw the ball just to prove him wrong. Damned genius, he is.


  13. Dawg19

    He was just pissed off because he couldn’t buy cigarettes.


  14. We’re #1! Damn it feels good.


  15. PTC DAWG

    I told y’all


  16. 69Dawg

    Rat poison I tell you rat poison.


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