“They can’t pass.”, ctd.

I wonder if Boom has mentioned this to Chris Lammons yet.


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5 responses to ““They can’t pass.”, ctd.

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Don’t mess with Jake. But here’s an idea, maybe scu could come out and do the ‘mighty mighty Titans’ dance. It probably won’t change the outcome, but it might get Boom on Dancing with the Stars some day.


  2. rchris

    Wow, 9 passes of 25 or more on 3rd downs. Definitely cannot key on Chubb, Michel or Swift.


  3. Cojones

    That’s a deadly stat.


  4. Saxondawg

    Yet the narrative of the moment, popularized by Danielson and others, is, “We just don’t know if Fromm can hold up and throw when the team needs him to. If somebody on CBS or ESPN says something when all the eyeballs are on their screen, that idea becomes Truth. I’d like to see a more balanced offense, but I’m not in the least worried that Fromm can deliver the ball. If he can’t do it against Auburn or Bama, it will be because those are very good defenses, not because he only threw 7 times at Jacksonville.


  5. Argondawg

    Is Bentley not on that list or are my eyes old and broken down.