Assholes gonna asshole.

I do feel better knowing there are still some Notre Dame fans worthy of dislike.


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  1. Biggus Rickus

    Huh. Michel’s TD remains the only rushing one they’ve allowed all season.

    And yeah, Kelly and that asshole deserve each other. It’s still kind of amazing that a complete staff overall worked immediately. Kelly may be an asshole, but he’s obviously a pretty good coach.


  2. Fans/alums can be really embarrassing. Tennessee fans are a prime example. They started the whole “empty Neyland” movement over Fulmer and look how that worked out. They burned furniture over Kiffin and now many want him back after starting yet another empty Neyland movement over Jones. The fans and especially the important boosters started this with Fulmer and it just keeps perpetuating itself. There is a reason few are put in a position of power at these universities. Unfortunately, the inmates are really running the asylum and this is what you get.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Wow. Even the Fire Ron guy wasn’t trying to take credit for Florida’s turnaround after he was fired. What an ass hat.

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  4. Did anyone see the tweets from the ND person earlier in the week. They were in reference to a blank SEC players interview and this ND person made really disparaging, bordering on racist, comments on how he spoke and his education. We met some decent people up there this year but they definitely have their share of pretentious jerks


  5. Derek

    Notre Dame is Tech but with a superiority complex. It’s a lethal combination.


  6. Hunkering Hank

    Don’t be fooled by a nice trip to South Bend.

    Notre Dame sucks and their fans are largely oblivious to the fact that they are just another pretty good football program at this point – overbloated, overhyped history aside. You would be shocked, absolutely shocked, at the number of NDA’s (Notre Dame Assholes) I come into contact with on a regular basis (My kid goes to a very well known Catholic school in Atlanta). It’s covered up with them. Of course there are tons of Dawgs too and we’ve tried to be gracious, but when they talk their shit I just hold up 2 fingers – one on each hand – just so they know the record. 2-0 Mother Fuckers. 2-0. What is really funny is that these magnificent Dawgs are converting a lot of these kids to a new religion!

    Hunker Down!


  7. Spike

    GATA Hank!!


  8. Mayor

    There is a likelihood the Dawgs will get to play ND again.