“He can’t pass.”, ctd., ctd.

Chip Towers gets to the heart of why that’s such an ignorant perception of Jake Fromm.

But there’s a difference in “can’t pass” and “don’t need to pass.” And Georgia simply hasn’t needed to or chooses not to, in most cases. Thanks to a salty defense and one of the best running back corps in America, the Bulldogs have gotten all the offense they’ve needed by keeping the ball on the ground.

Georgia is second in the SEC in rushing yards with 284 per game. The Bulldogs are best known for senior tailbacks Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, but they actually utilize five backs most every game, including dynamic freshman D’Andre Swift.

So the Bulldogs always are going to see to run the ball first. They’ve been forced to pass only twice this season. Freshman quarterback Jake Fromm had 326 yards and two touchdowns in a 53-28 win against Missouri and completed 55 percent of his passes for 141 yards with a TD and an interception in the win at Notre Dame.

South Carolina appears to be a run-stopping defense. It is fifth in the conference while giving up 137.6 per game. But Florida, which was then ranked third in the SEC, thought it was, too. Georgia ran for 292 in the 42-7 win over the Gators.

Last week, Florida’s Chauncey Gardner dissed Fromm’s ability to throw the ball by saying, “I get it, he throws a lot of slants.” Fromm attempted only seven passes against the Gators. As it turned out, one of them was somewhat of a slant to running back D’Andre Swift from the slot position. Swift caught it and proceeded to truck Gardner, who came up from his safety position to make the tackle. Gardner had to be helped off the field.

Aside from the defense carrying the load, aside from the potent running game and aside from the special teams competency that’s taken pressure off the offense this season, there’s one thing to keep in mind about young Mr. Fromm:  every time this team has needed him to step up, he’s done so.  Whenever I hear the can’t pass talk, I keep going back to what might have been his most pressure-packed completion of the season, the 30-yarder to Javon Wims that set up the winning score in the Notre Dame game (dial this clip up to the 14:37 mark).

That is one clutch throw.  So, yeah, you just keep on underestimating Fromm.  He won’t mind.


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  1. Fromm is an excellent QB who is a true freshman. No one was saying this garbage about Jalen Hurts last year when all he was doing was throwing slants and swing passes. Jake, keep doing what you’re doing.


  2. Dawg1

    Number ONE in the country in third down efficiency tells me all I need to know about Jake Fromm.

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  3. Uglydawg

    A few things stand out about Fromm. He loves playing football and he’s comfortable doing it. He was made to be out there. I’ve said before that if JF were told he would be starting for the Patriots this Sunday he’d probably smile and say, “Cool!”
    And hes a true freshman..that’s what is so amazing.
    Of course, Boom is going to try to get Fromm into situations where he has to throw the ball…and try to clobber him on sacks and near sacks. This will piss off the rest of the Dawgs and will make them more determined to run roughshod over SC.


    • Cojones

      Yeah, and the receivers won’t drop as many as they did early in their season vs ND.


      • Chipperdawg

        Agreed Cojo, folks seem to forget we left 14-17 points on the field in that game. 2 drops were sure Td’s and a missed FG that Hot Rod prolly hits 9 outta 10 times.


      • dawgman3000

        Yep. Those dropped passes resulted, IMO, in us winning by 1 instead of at least 14.


      • 92 grad

        Yeah, that highlight reel was fun to watch. Fromm made his share of mistakes but it’s pretty easy to see that they would have scored 14 more points if the drops didn’t happen.


  4. Agree with all of the above. I would still like to see Kirby/Cheney open up the game plan if we are able to get ahead with a comfortable lead and require Jake to throw the ball a lot. Some non-Dawg fans would call this piling on but in my view, he would benefit from the experience by ramping up his game and being more comfortable if and when we face a team where we are not able to run the ball. Like Alabama or Auburn, in all likelihood. And any other team we face this year potentially. Jake has real good nerves and he makes big plays. And the Notre Dame game is a good indicator of that. Just like to see him get more experience so he can be ready when needed.

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  5. Jack Klompus

    That throw was perfect. Put in a spot where Wims and only Wims could get it. Had he tried to lead him, odds are he doesn’t catch it, as the DB had him covered very well.


  6. WF Dawg

    That throw to Wims, along with Godwin’s one-handed TD, are the most important plays of the year, IMO.


  7. I had forgotten just how much Fromm had to throw against ND that night. He made some great ones, some good ones, and a couple of really bad ones, but damn…just damn….that kid is going to be special. Funny that we have not needed to throw much but have a gamer taking snaps who happens to be one of the best passers GA has produced out of high school.


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Eat more Chikin.


  9. kfoge

    Can we be clear about something. The Swift catch that got Gardner hurt was not a slant. Swift was in the backfield and ran a RB circle route where he goes around the Tackle and circles back to the middle of the field and beat the LB. Gardner came up to make a tackle and got hurt. I don’t like Gardner but at least present the facts (not you Senator, the writer of the article)


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    The #2 passer in Georgia high school history can’t pass. What was Kirby thinking when he signed Fromm?


  11. rchris

    I like Fromm, but the game against ND was not his best. (Which is what you’d expect from a true freshman making his first start.) Yes there were drops, but there was also Godwin’s immortal catch and Wims made a good contribution to his long catch as well. What you have left is overthrows, dinks and dunks, a fumble, an interception, and sacks. So, was it because of ND’s defense, or because it was his first game? I think we’re gonna find out soon.


    • Macallanlover

      Right, wow. You have missed a great season. Dinks, and dunks, Right. Thanks. Average yards per dink, uh huh. Got it, thanks for playing..


  12. kckd

    I wouldn’t say Mizzou forced us to pass. I think we chose to.