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It’s ‘Cock time!

Heading out in a few minutes, but not before composing the obligatory game day post.

I’ve shared plenty of thoughts about today’s game already this week, and I don’t believe I’ve convinced myself this morning that much has changed.  So, cue the bullet points!

  • I don’t think the Dawgs will be affected by the selection committee’s vote.  They haven’t played at home in a while and I expect the joint will be rocking today, rain or no rain.
  • I do think the coaching philosophies of both teams will come in to play.  We’re not going to see a shootout.  Boom wants to grind things down to a level where his team has a puncher’s chance; Kirby wants Georgia to impose its will.  There will be a little of both, but that just means Georgia puts it away in the second half.
  • All bets are off if South Carolina’s turnover luck holds up.
  • I don’t see how the ‘Cocks score much on the Georgia defense today.

Bottom line, look for something like Georgia 31 — South Carolina 13.

Lay your wisdom on us in the comments.


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“Team A ain’t played nobody!”

I’ve said this before, but one thing I like about the advanced stats gurus is that they’re open to tweaking their metrics in pursuit of finding more accurate ways to correlate the raw data to things like wins and losses as well as the relative strength of programs.  The tough part, of course, is the relatively small sample size of the regular season, and that’s not gonna change.

In any event, Bill Connelly has a go at bringing more meaning to strength of schedule with this post.  I find it interesting; see what you make of it.


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Rolling, rolling, rolling

I mentioned a couple of days ago that Georgia had compiled a nice streak since the Notre Dame game of dominating its opponents by at least 25 points in each contest.  I didn’t realize it was as big a deal historically as it turns out to be.

Consecutive conference contests have been won by at least 25 points by Georgia. Only one team in SEC history has a longer such streak. The Bulldogs have beaten Mississippi State by 28 points, Tennessee by 41, Vanderbilt by 31, Missouri by 25 and Florida by 35 in its five league games this season. In 2008, Florida had a six-game streak against SEC opponents in which the Gators beat Arkansas by 31 points, LSU by 30, Kentucky by 58, Georgia by 39, Vanderbilt by 28 and South Carolina by 50. Georgia plays South Carolina on Saturday.

Close call today, in my humble opinion.  In any event, Auburn’s good enough to bring that to an end next weekend.


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That Deandre Baker…

… is a bad mother…

Just talking ’bout Deandre!  We’ll see how often Bentley targets him today.


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