Rolling, rolling, rolling

I mentioned a couple of days ago that Georgia had compiled a nice streak since the Notre Dame game of dominating its opponents by at least 25 points in each contest.  I didn’t realize it was as big a deal historically as it turns out to be.

Consecutive conference contests have been won by at least 25 points by Georgia. Only one team in SEC history has a longer such streak. The Bulldogs have beaten Mississippi State by 28 points, Tennessee by 41, Vanderbilt by 31, Missouri by 25 and Florida by 35 in its five league games this season. In 2008, Florida had a six-game streak against SEC opponents in which the Gators beat Arkansas by 31 points, LSU by 30, Kentucky by 58, Georgia by 39, Vanderbilt by 28 and South Carolina by 50. Georgia plays South Carolina on Saturday.

Close call today, in my humble opinion.  In any event, Auburn’s good enough to bring that to an end next weekend.


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  1. Reinmart

    Muschamp is doing a good job with what he has but SC is every bit as mediocre as the rest of the SEC East. If the Dawgs are focused on chopping wood, they should win by about the point spread.





  3. Derek

    Sometime after Chauncey Gardner decided to run his mouth my attitude about that game and this team changed and it was affirmed this past Saturday. This team is a different animal. My expectation is another blow out and they’ll probably do the same the following three weeks.

    I’ve come to the opinion that what we’re watching is something that can best be compared to a young Mike Tyson. Cus is still alive and Robin Givens and Don King haven’t shown up yet. For those of you who weren’t alive or old enough to remember, trust me, it was an amazing thing to watch.

    There may have been questions like does he have a good chin? or could he go 12 rounds? or would he have been as dominant in the 70’s vs. Fraizier, Ali, Foreman and the rest?

    But at the time none of those questions truly mattered. After the opening bell he totally dismantled his opponent, usually in embarrassing ways. As he said at the time: “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

    That’s this football team. Can we win throwing it 40 times if we had to? Who gives a damn? What happens if we play a dominant defense? Who knows? We’ll see.

    We simply punch the other guy in the mouth early and often and they lay down and quit. This is a young, hungry, focused, dominating football team and I pity the poor bastards that are going to show up this afternoon for their whuppin’. I really do.

    Today’s game will look something like these:

    And afterwards we’ll be saying:

    I said after the 1996 Fiesta Bowl between Nebraska and Florida that if I ever saw a Georgia team as good as the 1995 Cornhuskers, I could die a happy man. I think we may just get there. I admit it. I’ve lost all sense of proportionality and caution. Sorry Scorp.

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    2008 Florida: Corch at peak prick.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Keep them dawgies rolling!