Mr. Conventional Wisdom brings it.

Here’s this morning’s cutting edge analysis.

Give him credit for one thing — you don’t need to read any further than his tweet.  The man sure packs a ton on insight into 140 characters.



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27 responses to “Mr. Conventional Wisdom brings it.

  1. ChiliDawg

    Good ol’ Tony and his hot take on Monday that was cold by Sunday afternoon.


  2. WH

    You’ve got to admire a guy who doesn’t hide the juicy stuff behind a paywall.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    And so definitive too. “Could be” a good day for the SEC.


  4. Waiting for Chaney's other shoe to drop

    Don’t hate on CW. We need to appreciate what we have. He may be a Drunk Uncle, but he’s our Drunk Uncle. Like Loran. Someone should do a highlight clip of Loran’s sideline audio. Pure Drunken Genius.

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    • It would all be the same thing. So you lost the game. How does it feel? Scoring more tds was the key to your win. Tell us about that.


      • Waiting for Chaney's other shoe to drop

        The epic randomness of Loran……
        “Whatcha got Loran?”
        “Well, Larry, there’s grass on the field. with paint”


  5. AusDawg85

    Well, here’s what I think. By the end of the season, when all the games are over, I think we’ll have a pretty good idea of where everyone stands.

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  6. Ben

    Why’s everyone so hard on Tony? He’s about as innocuous of a sports personality you’ll find.


    • ChiliDawg

      Because he gave himself the name “Mr. College Football,” yet offers absolutely nothing in the way of opinions or analysis that isn’t a re-hash of something that multiple other writers have said days, sometimes weeks, before him.

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  7. Muttley

    Tony just won himself a Heavenly Ham and a Bulova watch.


  8. Skeeter

    State the obvious and you can never be called a liar.


  9. markclegg

    “Georgia will have to establish the run before it can run play action against Auburn!”


  10. The other Doug

    “Bama and Georgia look good, but Auburn might have something to say about that”


  11. BMan

    Next week he’ll proclaim that UGA is in the driver’s seat in the SEC East.

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  12. CB

    Senator, you bash CW yet roll with the FSF dudes who not only give terrible analysis but their work is usually riddled with typos.


  13. Castleberry

    Saw him out for dinner in Ponte Vedra beach before the Florida game. Thought about you. Wanted to wander over and tell him “The fish is the best thing on the menu, but don’t miss the steak.”


  14. jermainesdye

    Hines Ward is a versatile performer, but Georgia might be best suited with him at the wide receiver position and Mike Bobo at quarterback!


  15. D as in Dawg

    The Dawgs are in position to go undefeated because they haven’t lost thus far.


  16. Mayor

    If Georgia wins its next two conference games the Dawgs will be a lock to play in the conference championship game.