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Everybody loves a winner.

Hey, I thought we weren’t supposed to be mixing politics and sports.

A few decades ago, Georgia candidates would throw barbecues and fish fries to entice crowds, but these days the promise of a free meal isn’t as tempting. That’s where football games — and the allure of throngs of people on a fall Saturday — proves irresistible.

“You know there’s going to be thousands of people already there. You know you’ll be able to energize your volunteers. And you know you’ll have a chance to reach a wider audience,” said Charles Bullock, a UGA political scientist who has written extensively about Southern politics. “You don’t have to drum up the crowd — all you have to do is parachute in.”

Just leave my tailgate alone and we’ll be fine.


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Letter to an athletic director: a modest proposal

Dear Greg,

I know we haven’t seen eye-to-eye on a lot of things, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to remind you of something you said a couple of years ago about the musical selection played at Sanford Stadium.

“We don’t have a go-to song,” McGarity said. “We don’t have a song right now that our fans, when they hear it, act like some of the fans of other schools when they hear their songs. We’ve never really had a go-to song or something people hear that makes them react in a certain way.”

I’d hate to think that you’ve settled on “Seven Nation Army” for that purpose.

Yesterday, I heard that song on the Sanford PA six times.  I’ve been to games in Sanford Stadium when I’ve heard it more often than that.  I’ve said it before, but it’s been played so much that Jack White can fund his retirement off the royalties.  Not just in Athens, either.

I don’t see how something that ubiquitous qualifies as our go-to song, so how about canning it and replacing it with George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog”?

Honestly, what’s a more appropriate song to blast for the home folks than one about dogs?  (Unless it’s Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs, of course, but I have the feeling that ship’s done sailed.  Sigh.  But I digress.)

Try to imagine ninety thousand plus shaking and woofing in unison.  If you’re having a problem with your imagination, here’s what that was like at Michigan a couple of years ago.  (Apologies for having to suffer through thirty or seconds of “Sandstorm” first, but, trust me, it’s worth it.)

How great is that?  It’s got a beat, it’s got an irresistible chant and you can boogie to it.  What more do we need?

Oh, yeah… it’s a band thing, too.

The Redcoats can handle that.  Long story short, the song is tailor-made for a Georgia game.  If you’re looking for something to be ours, it’s as good a choice as you’re going to find.

If for some reason you don’t want to do away with “SNA” in its entirety, at least consider splitting the carries.  By my count, we’d still get to hear George Clinton funking away at least a few times a game.  Totally worth it.

I mean it.  If you’re looking for a way to mellow my harsh, I’m handing it to you on a platter.  Think about it.

Yours in peace,



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SEC Power Poll, Week 10


A full slate of action meant there are some shake ups from last week’s order.  Not at the top, though.

  1. Alabama.  If you’re Alabama, you beat LSU.  That’s what you do.
  2. Georgia.  We’ve gotten to the point where holding a conference rival to ten points and less than 300 yards of offense feels a little disappointing.
  3. Auburn.  So you’re saying the Tigers still have a chance.
  4. Mississippi State.  I’m not sure I’d want to be facing Alabama when I’m a common opponent for Georgia and lost that game by 28.  Just sayin’.
  5. LSU.  The big difference between the Tigers and the Tide is at quarterback.
  6. South Carolina.  This is where a well-coached team that’s limited in talent by SEC standards sits.
  7. Texas A&M.  The Aggies have now gone two straight seasons without beating a divisional opponent at home.
  8. Kentucky.  Last week, they were 6-2 with a +2 point differential.  Now they’re 6-3 with a minus-1 point differential.
  9. Missouri.  Good things happen when you no longer have the worst defense in the conference.
  10. Ole Miss.  Give ’em credit — a month ago, I thought they were dead in the water.
  11. Florida.  ♩♫ They’re freeeee…. free fallin’♬♫♪.
  12. Arkansas.  Everything you need to know about the Hogs right now is that salvaging a last-minute win against Coastal Carolina is not seen as harming Bert’s job security.
  13. Tennessee.  With Mizzou’s win, there are only two SEC teams without a conference win.
  14. Vanderbilt.  Both winless programs are in Tennessee.  Something’s gotta give.


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Fabris Pool results, Week Ten

A little tougher week for most, but not for RobbHurstCPA.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 RobbHurstCPA Adj 9-1 9   16-21

No tiebreaker needed.

The seasonal race tightened a bit.

SEASON STANDINGS through Week 10
Selection Name
1 Meat686 67-33 67
2 Biggen 64-36 64
3 sanders 63-37 63
3 mhagan73 63-37 63

Just a few more weeks to go…

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