Today, in life imitates art

You know the old joke about a guy leaving two Falcons tickets on his windshield at the mall for anyone to take, only to come back and find four?

It’s no joke at Arkansas.


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23 responses to “Today, in life imitates art

  1. Jeff Sanchez

    DAMMIT – can we talk about the ads on here now?


  2. Russ

    I assume he took them to sell at the stadium, and wound up leaving them. Otherwise, I can guarantee you some kids would have loved to go to the game.

    How come we don’t hear more about how hot Bert’s seat is? I guess the dumpster fires in the east overshadow it.


  3. illini84

    When we played them in the SEC Championship game in 2002 they had no limit on the number of tickets you could buy over the phone. I was able to sit halfway up on the 45 years line for face!


  4. sniffer

    So, riddle me this. I subscribe to a site, “Whats happening in …..”. Towns all over have something like this. Last week, there were numerous (lots!) offers to sell LSU-Bama tickets for face and lower. This hasn’t been the case all year and I doubt these season ticket holders were worried about losing to LSU. Since I don’t follow anything like this in Ga, is the same thing happening over there? I can’t imagine what the thinking is here. Apathy, maybe. No one in Alabama has a better place to go or more important things to do than a home game against a hated rival rhat you feel good about beating. Strange days, indeed.



    UGA/KY 3:30 CBS Kick….


  6. Debby Balcer

    My dad is from Arkansas and a big razorback fan. His side of the family have always followed the razorbacks. This year they are not following them and going out on Saturdays. Bert has lost the support of the fans.


  7. Bob

    @Jeff, Firefox with ad block plus and ads are a thing of the past