Et tu, Spurdog?

There’s not a lot of new insight in this story about McElwain’s final days in Gainesville, but there is one minor gem unearthed:

With the Gators trailing 21-0 at the half in their eventual loss to Georgia, Spurrier walked through the press box and asked a handful of reporters, “What happened to the forward pass?”

Meanwhile, Florida’s engaged in its fifth coaching search since Spurrier left.



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24 responses to “Et tu, Spurdog?

  1. Debby Balcer

    No sane coach should want to coach there with Spurrier around.

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    • Foley sounds like he’s still a lot of fun, too.


      • Mayor

        If Foley had hired Spurrier back ’05 instead of giving him the bum’s rush I suspect things would be a lot better in Gainesville now. Maybe the Gators wouldn’t have won one or more of those natties they got under Meyer–we’ll never know–but their program wouldn’t have imploded like it has now either. And I strongly suspect FU would have won a lot more games (and maybe SEC Championships) in the past 7 years than they have. Personally I am glad Foley screwed things up. It looked great for the Gators at first but as the wise man once said: “Just wait and see.” I hope they drop like a rock to the bottom of the SEC like the late 80s.

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  2. Go Dawgs!

    I get that he brought in Urban Meyer and it led to a pair of championships. But I wonder if Florida fans still have warm fuzzy feelings about Jeremy Foley seeing as how Steve Spurrier wanted to come home after his failed NFL experiment and Foley more or less told him to spit into the wind.


  3. Hillbilly Dawg

    And now is the time for the yearly domination to return, and realign the universe. While the lizard lies wounded, destroy the beast. Prayers that 2018 brings the beating once again.
    This is what is good in life.


    • Kevin

      Damn right! I’ve lived here in Jax since 1985. These fans are unbearable. The longer we can keep them down, the better. They have turned out to be a bunch of cry babies, and it’s fantastic to hear it. History will show that they fired Muschamp too early, and they should have realized it when he beat us in 2014.


      • Mayor

        Yeah. Boom wasn’t really as bad a coach as they thought and he is showing that now. I hope South Carolina smokes their Gator ass for years just for the sake of karma.


  4. ChiliDawg

    So does Spurrier just wander around campus like Reveille does at Texas A&M? I’ll bet all the males have to turn around when he squats to pee, too.


  5. Bright Idea

    Spurrier was on radio for an hour this morning. Two callers asked him about Muschamp and Sean Elliott. He dodged the questions referring to winning 11 games for the first time ever at USCe. What a dipshit.


  6. Sportsdawg

    If only Steve Spurrier could just be seen and not heard. Oh well…


  7. paul

    It seems odd that Spurrier would not ask for anything from the athletic department. As much as we might hate him, the Ole Ball Coach was literally inventing new offensive schemes and winning consistently. You’d think that he would leverage that in order to maintain a recruiting edge. That tells us a lot about McGarity don’t you think? No wonder it’s so hard to get him to even spend money he already has. I don’t doubt what McElwain says about his wife. Dan Mullen’s wife said the fans were so mean to her she wouldn’t even go shopping locally. And he was winning national championships.


  8. j4k372

    When I first heard Ole Ball Sack would be roaming the Athletic Department halls at UF, I jumped for joy. The combination of his ego, their fanbase, and Spurrier reliving glory days of the 90s with the Bull Gators is a recipe for disaster for that program.

    The best part is that they don’t realize the central problem is Spurrier. I couldn’t have scripted a better demise to the Gator program. The guy that took them out of irrelevance is taking them right back down. Pinch me!


  9. Bill Glennon

    “It was an odd fit from the beginning. He never embraced being here and being part of a team.”

    That means McElwain didn’t want all the big ego boosters, ADs, former coaches and former ADs in the kitchen with him.

    This has the making of a UT post-Fulmer type disaster. Those folks are more obsessed with “Fun and Gun” than Ga Southern is with the triple option. It is a self-imposed litmus test on who is an acceptable coaching candidate. Spurrier may see 5 more coaching changes.


  10. Derek

    It certainly puts SOS’s rationale for leaving in an ironic light don’t it?

    This is a program that needs to go in the shitter for about 5 years. Then they might make rational decisions and appreciate what they have.


  11. Otto

    I hope he keeps stirring things up down there, and is basically the Jerry Jones of Gainesville interfering with coaches.

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    • 92 grad

      Agreed. Then when SOS decides to leave maybe they’ll bring Tebow in as the consultant. Keep riding that viscous circle jerk gators.


  12. HirsuteDawg

    Interesting that at both UF and UGA the coaches that openly lobbied for improved facilities are gone and the replacements reap the rewards of their activity. Sometimes you need the gadfly but management can’t stand it.


  13. Spurrier is an asshole who won, which is like tits on a 4 wheeler for Florida fans. They are a victim of his success because simply winning isn’t enough. You have to win, while scoring a lot of points, while being an asshole.

    It’s like their own version of “hot, sane, smart” and they haven’t figured out that you can only have 2.


  14. I sort of think it is poetic justice that UF believes that McElwain’s lack of success is due to this:

    “One of the biggest problems at Florida is that [former head coach] [Steve] Spurrier never asked for anything,” a source said. “He told [former athletic director] [Jeremy] Foley he’d just go beat everybody with less.”

    Spurrier’s own greatness/arrogance is now what holds them back.


  15. He never fit in, cause he would not kiss all the big asses he was told to kiss. Kinda reminds me of Donnan. Also, I understand more about McGarrity after reading this about Foley. Too many egos. And why the hell is Spurrier still wandering the halls. Go home.