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Eh, you know you want a little stat porn.

This is pretty porn-y.

Sounds like that fierce Auburn pass rush may be in for a challenge.  And, remember, one of those tackles is a true freshman.  Maybe Sam Pittman can coach a little.


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“… it’s a do-or-die SEC game in November, which is all that really needs to be said.”

Matt Hinton’s preview of the Georgia-Auburn game is both exhaustive and excellent.  I won’t go into much detail, since you ought to read it in its entirety, but there are a few tidbits worth bringing to your attention.

  • Based on a comparison of the two teams national rankings in a variety of statistics, I can see why Georgia should be favored.  When Auburn’s on offense, it doesn’t get a single nod of advantage, while when the situation is reversed, it’s a fairly close match between the two.
  • If you’re wondering what game has the potential to be the year’s quickest to play, “The Bulldogs run more often (on 72.7 percent of all offensive snaps) than any other Power 5 offense except the triple-option attack at Georgia Tech”.
  • This is pretty remarkable:  “An incredible 31 of Nizialek’s 33 punts have either resulted in a fair catch or come down inside the 20-yard line, where they typically roll dead; only six have been returned, for a grand total of nine yards.”

Cutting to the chase, he’s predicting Georgia wins by nine.  Now, go read it.


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A tale of two programs

So, this Chuck Oliver tweet set off an interesting debate.

I questioned the use of the “by far” there.  Auburn has a couple of national title game appearances with a national title during that time, but Georgia has a better overall record and, of course, a 9-2 advantage in the series.

If you want to argue that Auburn’s highs have been greater than Georgia’s over that time frame, you’ll get no argument from me, at least as long as you also acknowledge the lows have been lower.  That’s a long way from “by far”, though.  At least it is to me.

But it leads me to a question for discussion here.  Skip the extra-curricular considerations for a minute (you know what I mean).  From a pure results standpoint, between Georgia and Auburn over the last decade or so, what’s your preference?


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Tastes great! Less filling!

Welp, this should put entirely to rest the how bare was the cupboard Mark Richt left Kirby Smart debate.

“They don’t come any finer than coach Richt,” Smart said. “I still talk to him some, and it says so much about him the way he’s continued to support the kids on this team and support Georgia. The cupboard wasn’t bare when we got here. Now, we had to go sign a quarterback, but we had players. I know a lot of new coaches talk all the time about how they don’t have enough good players when they get there, but I can tell you this place was in better shape than Alabama was when we got there in 2007.”

That quarterback he signed was recruited by Richt, as well.

For some of you, the horse’s mouth probably won’t be enough, though, amirite?


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The most interesting quarter of tomorrow’s game

Check out Auburn’s third quarter offensive S&P+.

Screenshot-2017-11-10 Auburn statistical profile

Now look at Georgia’s defensive Q3 S&P+.

Screenshot-2017-11-10 Georgia statistical profile

Halftime adjustments tomorrow should be watched closely.  Very closely.


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If there really is any justice in the universe, Auburn deserves to go down tomorrow just for this.

Do it for Aaron, college football gods.


UPDATE:  Momma Murray lets loose.

HYPOCRITE moment! I am the person who will post ❤️>H8 (hate), but I dislike Auburn immensely. It’s hard for a mom to forget the day she watched cheap, dirty, illegal shots taken on her son over and over again that amounted to a fractured sternum, 8 stitches under his chin, whip lash (so bad the Dr. said it was worse than patients who are in major car accidents), and lastly, a contusion to the leg that finally brought him down. As Aaron was squirming on the field in pain, surrounded by medical staff, the Auburn fans were on their feet cheering while Fairly strutted around like a peacock getting accolades and cheers from adults, students, parents and coaches. My distain for Auburn has not lessened, I’m still bitter!! So I’m a hypocrite, and like all the good hypocrites, I feel justified.
Dawgs – Go SIc ’em!!!


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The dilemma of making Fromm beat you

Will Muschamp, just on the receiving end of that approach, has nothing but good things to say about Georgia’s freshman quarterback.  Especially his smarts:

Yet in Georgia’s first two possessions last Saturday, which consisted of 21 plays for 136 yards, Fromm threw nine times and left Muschamp just as marveled by the quarterback’s intelligence as his talents.

“You’ve got to make extremely quick decisions with the ball in your hand as far as handing it off, pulling the ball or making an accurate throw in tight space while a receiver is running,” Muschamp said. “It’s extremely difficult, and I thought he really managed those first two drives, because he took their offense down the field primarily throwing RPOs. We were obviously committed to stopping the run, which left some one-on-ones, and he was very accurate with the football.

“You’ve got to tip your hat to him on that.”

You can pick your poison as a defensive coordinator, but Chaney’s done a good job as the season’s progressed of taking what defenses are offering his offense.  The RPOs have obviously been a significant component of that success.

As I’ve noted, one of Fromm’s strengths is his acuity making pre-snap reads.  Can Auburn pull off enough trickeration after his read to affect Fromm’s play?  Fromm has certainly had those occasional moments from week to week where he reminds us he’s still learning;  South Carolina had a couple of opportunities to pick off passes when the defensive backs shifted to press coverage at the snap.

Still, he’s been sharp enough all season long.

“I think playing in that Notre Dame environment was really good for him because that was one of the tougher environments,” Smart said. “Early in the Tennessee game was that way. He continues to improve each day, and this will be another tough environment. He has to make good decisions. He has to execute the plan. He has to be able to give the playmakers the ball.

“As long as he does those things and makes good decisions, we are a pretty good football team.”

Should make for an interesting chess match.


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Keeping Fromm’s jersey clean

In terms of yards per play, the conference’s second and third ranked defenses face off on the Plains Saturday.  While the results are similar, if I had to point my finger at the biggest difference between the two, it would be in terms of disruptive plays.  Auburn is second in the SEC in sacks; Georgia is eleventh.  Auburn is also a couple of spots ahead of Georgia in tackles for loss.

If we like to think of Georgia as taking a more ensemble approach to playing excellent defense, with Auburn, it starts with Jeff Holland, who is having a remarkable year at outside linebacker.  Holland currently is tied for first in the conference in both sacks and tackles for loss.  You’d better believe the staff is spending plenty of time this week scheming to keep Holland from making Jake Fromm’s life miserable.

The scary thing about Auburn’s sack game is that when the sacks come, they come in waves:  20 of the team’s 26 sacks occurred in four games.  It’ll be a real test for Georgia’s offensive line, particularly for Wynn.  You have to figure Holland is going to merit extra attention in pass protection.  The question is what else Chaney and Pittman will have up their sleeves.

I would expect a heavy dose of RPO plays to neutralize Holland’s speed rush, along with some power running to leverage that he’s a little undersized on the edge.  All of which sounds nice on paper, but he’s been a helluva player this year.  We’ll see who gets the best of whom.


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