The most interesting quarter of tomorrow’s game

Check out Auburn’s third quarter offensive S&P+.

Screenshot-2017-11-10 Auburn statistical profile

Now look at Georgia’s defensive Q3 S&P+.

Screenshot-2017-11-10 Georgia statistical profile

Halftime adjustments tomorrow should be watched closely.  Very closely.



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11 responses to “The most interesting quarter of tomorrow’s game

  1. Jack Burton

    There isn’t a stat that exemplifies outstanding coaching any better


  2. Interesting observation from Andy Staples on his podcast this week after watching Auburn play LSU and Clemson. His opinion is that if Auburn can out-athlete you (i.e. Miss State / A&M / Arkansas), it’s all good. When they’ve run into teams with equal athletes (i.e. LSU / Clemson), it’s been a rougher go for them. That will also be interesting to watch since they sure as hell can’t out-athlete Georgia or Alabama.

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  3. Dawg in Austin

    Looks like Auburn ain’t too shabby defensively either per S&P in Q3. Gonna be a great game.


  4. Yurdle

    auburn peaks in the second quarter, which is when we our first team unit is weakest. Though I have to think that some of Auburn’s second half woes come from Gus’s bad decision making. That stuff is easier to fix.


  5. Vidaliaway

    I would like to see our 4th qtr. offensive S&P+ get cut in half after tomorrow. That means we never took our foot off of the gas and beat them like a rented mule.


  6. zamalou

    Talk about fading…


  7. DawgPhan

    I get that it is picking nits, but I would love to see a well executed 2 minute drill to end the first half. Combine that with the great 3rd quarter defense and you can really change a game.


    • Got Cowdog

      Especially if we are already up by three scores, and go for two. I wold be OK with that. It is the barn, after all.


  8. DawgByte

    Tomorrow we need to step up in Qtrs. 2 & 4. Aaron Davis needs to come out of his second half of the season coma and get with the program. He’s on my Prince Miller Bat Guano List right now.