The rise and fall of a Champion for Life

Booch gets the ax.

If I’m not mistaken, he’ll have over $8 million coming to him from UT in the buyout.  No word on whether he gets to keep the trash can.

So, that means UF and UT are both in the hunt for new head coaches.  I wonder when the last time that happened.


UPDATE:  “He said he didn’t really expect that to happen, but it did so he told me to find a place to go, quickly … and that if he gets anything he will contact me.”



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34 responses to “The rise and fall of a Champion for Life

  1. gastr1

    Couldn’t happen to a lovelier shade of urnge. LOL.


  2. and to paraphrase the old Shake and Bake Commercials ,”and we helped”

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  3. I am a bit confused about the overall strategy in the timing of this. Why not weeks ago? Why not wait until season’s end?


    • gastr1

      But if you knew he’d be gone anyway, why stand by and watch them mail it in? Can’t really be tolerated, can it? Plus you get a head start that the job is open and can start asking around right away.


    • Dolly Llama

      I had the exact same thought. I figured he was there until season’s end no matter what happened on the field. It just seems like UT is playing this really poorly — firing him too late to get an early jump on everybody, but early enough to really spook what’s left of the recruiting class and give prospective replacements pause in the “There I could be one day” sense.


    • The other Doug

      I have a friend who lives in Knoxville, is an alumni, and comes in contact with a lot of very connected people. He told me a few weeks ago that Butch was done. The AD didn’t tell Butch exactly, but it was known.

      Reminded me a lot of where Richt and McGarrity seemed to be after the WLOCP.

      I’m guessing they have reached a deal with a new coach and need to act.


      • DoubleDawg1318

        But everybody has known Butch would be gone. It was a question of when not if. The odd thing is the timing. They missed the early jump on a new start and let UF get there first but didn’t gain any of the cost savings by waiting until the end of the season/year.
        My guess, is they hoped he could hold on until seasons’ end but things unraveled (aka blowouts and decommits) too much to carry on.


  4. Will Trane

    When you get beat like Missouri did to the Vols, you have to some light back into your program.
    The big question for Vols and Gators. Do you need more than a coaching change. UF for sure needs to look at their AD.
    Mississippi State now waits. There coach could end up at one of this two universities.


  5. J.G.

    And Brady Hoke is named interim HC. And he–or someone–has already updated his Wikipedia page ( This is wonderful.


  6. Mudcats Impala

    Tennessee’s most recent game vs each SEC team:

    Alabama – L 45-7
    Arkansas – L 24-20
    Auburn – L 55-23
    Florida – L 26-20
    Georgia – L 41-0
    Kentucky – L 29-26
    LSU – L 38-7
    Mizzou – L 50-17
    Miss State – L 41-31
    Ole Miss – L 34-3
    SCar – L 15-9
    Texas A&M – L 45-38
    Vandy – L 45-34



  7. Will Trane

    What this underscores was how bad the SEC East was this year.
    And you have to really look and see if the Dawgs rushing game was all that good considering how poor the Vols, Gators, and Mizzou were in ’17.
    Dawgs need to take a page out of Auburns personnel book.
    They went after a passing QB who had wanted to go to Baylor or Texas Tech so he could throw all over the field. It took a loss at Clemson on the road and a lack luster game against LSU but Gus knew that once he had a passing attack with his run game, he could make a solid run at the SECCG and another national playoff.
    Two years in, and Chaney is still looking for a passing game.
    He can only go up, after all he has his team at 111.
    Some people think you have to run the ball to pass. Dawgs found out the hard way yesterday it does not work.
    Chaney has had the teams and games to make the passing game work.
    He did not. Why? His HC had better answer that quickly.
    Go back and look at the Carolina game. The hand writing was on the field and between the hedges that game.
    He has two game to put some play into it.
    And UK has big secondary players. Can the Dawgs receivers play against them and be physical?


    • Cojones

      You kinda’ left MSU out of your figuring, didn’t you? We took care of their West Div ass that almost took care of ‘Bama last night.


    • old dawg

      In a perfect world, Kirby wanted (but did not get) the Arkansas OC…he did get Pittman but Chaney was probably not his first choice…I’ve never seen him as a long term solution as OC…I could be wrong but methinks he will be the next to clean out his office.

      Remember Tracy Rocker didn’t get Derrick Brown (was he blocked at all last night?) and TR missed on Aubrey Solomon (now at Michigan). My point…Kirby isn’t shy about firing people.


  8. Will Trane

    Dawgs have no pass blocking line.
    How many times have we seen it.
    They pass from an RPO.
    Look at the stats.
    If you do not get reps in pass blocking how will you play, especially on the road and in a place like the Plains.
    Do not think Chaney plays far enough down the schedule.


  9. dawgman3000

    I nominate Jim Cheney for the UT job.

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  10. Doyle Hargraves

    Which job does Bobo take? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we hired the wrong assistant. He always did more with less, in comparison to Smart @ Alabama. The ’14 season alone proved the kind of coach he was. I won’t get into the gutless actions by GM in regards to Gurley, but that offense was practically unstoppable with marginal OL talent and a QB that couldn’t throw a 20 yard out.


    • DoubleDawg1318

      All it takes is one loss after a dominating run the likes of which we’ve never seen in recent memory for you to say we screwed up? That’s pretty ridiculous. Bobo hasn’t been outstanding at CSU and that 2014 offense laid an egg, even bigger than yesterday’s showing, in the ’14 Cocktail Party.


      • DoubleDawg1318

        On second glance, we put up some decent numbers that day but couldn’t find the endzone for some reason.


      • Doyle Hargraves

        Take a look at NFL rosters, which is the real judge of actual level of talent. UF, particularly defensively, had an abundance. We had a good/undisciplined pass rusher, that refused to set the edge repeatedly against UF the following year (hence Leonard having to stand by Pruit the entire following game on the sideline with his helmet on). An above average pass rusher on the other side. And the 2nd best running back we’ve ever had. Other than that, and yes I’m aware David Andrews is having a nice career, and I’m happy for him. But if he doesn’t get drafted by the greatest head coach of all time, he’d probably be out of football by now. Not a knock on him. Just a fact. All of the “luxuries” CKS is now enjoying, and we’re still behind, were never given to Richt and his staff. IDPF, extra staff, basically 2 OC’s, greatly increased recruiting budget, etc. College Football isn’t set up to have parity. If u wanna get better, and better in a hurry, spend twice as much as your closest competition. Hello Alabama of ‘08. And UF, about the same year, decided they’d go the cheap route. How has that worked out? You can bet whoever gets the job, if they want a top candidate, is gonna mandate an opening of the wallet


  11. Bulldog Joe

    Missouri 1
    Georgia 1

    With Vanderbilt and Arkansas coming up, Missouri could get 3 fired before the season’s done.


  12. Macallanlover

    He has been gone, privately, since our game. Never understood the strategy, some of it had to do with a bad relationship between Hoke and Shoop, the two most likely interim candidates, and feeling the ensuing split would make things much worse. I think they saved a little money on the buyout which seems to have gone down about $1MM. But the internal problems with staff and players has been bad for a while. Bottom line, they did themselves no favors and have been losing recruits for weeks, as we have all heard.

    I am interested in how the new early signing date plays into coaching changes. In the past new coaches had from early December until early February to save, or improve a class of recruits, now it is less than 3 weeks from the end of the season. Since most of the rock star coaches many schools desire are currently employed, they cannot be announced until the end of November, nor begin contacting recruits about the new school they will be coaching at. I believe all the communications until season’s end are between the schools and the coach’s agent. Waiting until that late almost insures the class will have holes with regards to top talent. Quite the bind they are in, I am feeling so guilty if we hurt the Big Urnge any at all.


  13. Bulldog Joe

    Gettin’ ugly up there.


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