At least we know the day.

Quite the spread on the times for the Georgia-Georgia Tech game.

I live in the ATL, so it’s no great hardship for me, but I imagine the folks elsewhere wouldn’t mind a little more certainty.  Soon!



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16 responses to “At least we know the day.

  1. HiAltDawg

    Would prefer it not on ABC, since they do West Coast games. I’m planning on Noon–for no real reason, I’m insane. lol


  2. Bright Idea

    Hope for a nooner we have a game the next Saturday.

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    Take Marta into town, especially if it’s a night game…they love to key UGA rides on the GT campus…


  4. When are the TV networks planning that invasion of Normandy. Oh hell, you know some time between now and then. Depends on who the Germans play that day. Wait and we will let you know.
    As a disclaimer: I do know these folks were not planning nor really around in 1944.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Can we reschedule the dome implosion for halftime?


  6. Night games at Tech are not all that much fun, imo. One of those times when a nooner isn’t so bad; get in take care of bidness, and get out.


  7. illini84

    I’ll be at the beach surf fishing so it doesn’t matter to me. It gets dark there @ 5pm so a night game would be ok.


  8. FisheriesDawg

    What game is the other option for those time slots? I’m seeing 6-day options in the Big XII but FOX has the Texas-TTU game at 7. Would they let ABC televise WVU-OU against it? The only non-garbage Big Ten game is Michigan-Ohio State, but that’s already locked in at noon. ACC doesn’t have any other 6-day games that week, and Pac-12 games aren’t going to kick off at 9 AM.


  9. Jack Klompus

    The nation thanks you for burying the MO/AR game on a Friday night.


  10. Edawg

    Never a good time to visit a pile of SH*T.