Observations from the end zone, trip to Hell edition


Allow me to repeat myself.  Sigh.  No guarantees, but I’ll do my best to avoid gallows humor.  It won’t be easy.

One thing about a blowout like Saturday’s is that it’s easy to dispense with nuance.  Georgia lost the game because Auburn dominated both lines of scrimmage.  The Dawgs got smoked because sometime shortly after scoring first, they lost their hearts and their heads.

When you bring your “D” game (yeah, I’m probably being generous) and the tenth-ranked team in the country brings its “A” game in front of the home folks, the results are pretty much guaranteed to be ugly.  Georgia, in fact, is a little fortunate that the score wasn’t even more lopsided than it turned out to be.

Honestly, there really isn’t much need to say more than that… not that I’ll stop there.

  • I should have known it was an omen when Auburn trotted out Nick Fairley for the pre-game festivities.
  • This may sound strange, but looking back, I think the game turned on Jeff Holland’s sack.  You had the sense that the staff freaked out over how easily he abused Thomas on that play.  One thing’s for sure:  Georgia essentially abandoned the pass from that point in a vain attempt to protect Fromm until it had little choice otherwise.
  • Unfortunately for Georgia, volunteering to make itself one-dimensional proved ineffective, largely because it turned out that Auburn was able to defend the run consistently with only seven men in the box.
  • All those games when Georgia showed it could pass early and then stayed with the run made Chaney and Smart believe it would work again.  This turned out to be the time when continuing to throw on first down after the first series was the smarter move.
  • It’s hard to blame Fromm for Georgia’s offensive ineptitude, seeing as he was running for his life for much of the night.  I sure wish he’d have been able to hit Ridley fully in stride on what should have been an easy touchdown, though.  (Not to excuse Ridley on the drop, of course.)
  • The flea flicker would have been another easy score, except for the minor detail of what appeared to be the entire defensive front’s penetration of the line of scrimmage before the ball had been returned to Fromm’s hands.  Definitely Jake’s deer caught in the headlights moment of 2017.
  • I can’t overstate how bad the offensive line’s play was.  Blame Chaney all you want, but when your offense is structured around the run and your linemen can’t get out of their own way to block, it’s going to be a long day no matter what you call.
  • To its credit, the defense didn’t come apart at the seams as quickly as the offense did — in fact, early on, it did a credible job of putting pressure on Stidham — but after the two special teams’ snafus, unravel it did.  As the second half progressed (regressed?), resistance wasn’t futile.  It was non-existent.  Auburn was able to gash Georgia up the middle and embarrass Georgia with misdirection plays and two of the prettiest screen passes you’ll ever see.
  • Then again, when a defense can’t even get itself aligned properly to defend three receivers deployed on a bubble screen, it ain’t hard to look pretty.
  • The deep ball that Stidham threw for Auburn’s first touchdown was set up by having what seemed like an unlimited amount of time to throw against a four-man rush, which was a sign the game was getting away from the defense on every level.
  • Special teams were more bad than good.  Two major screw ups on punt returns led to two Auburn touchdowns, which is not supposed to be how that works.  Between putting the Tigers up by sixteen and taking the heart out of the defense after it managed a stop on Auburn’s first drive of the second half, Hardman’s fumble essentially settled the game.  That was a real shame, because up to that point, he was one of the few bright spots for the Dawgs.
  • The vibes were bad enough that I called the missed field goal and the fumbled punt before they happened.
  • Has there been another game when Georgia wasted as much good field position as it did Saturday?
  • Another reason I don’t want to watch the replay is that I didn’t notice if Roquan played badly and I don’t want to discover whether he did.
  • There is no excuse for this team ten games into a season like this to lose its composure the way it did.  None.  Especially with so much of the most egregious actions coming from senior players who know better.  I don’t know if they were baited on the field, overly amped up, overwhelmed by the moment, or what.  I do know that’s on the coaches for not getting the players settled mentally.
  • Which leads to the last point — the coaching was a complete disaster.  They tried to approach this game like they had every other game this year, which is understandable.  However, when it became apparent that wasn’t working, rather than adapt and fight, they chose to retreat.  That isn’t how number one teams are supposed to react, and you’d think given Kirby’s extensive experience in Tuscaloosa, he’d be the first guy on Georgia’s sideline to know that.  Tremendously disappointing, to say the least.
  • I guess it’s only natural that when a hot seat cools, the first thing you do is show your ass, right, Gus?  (Then again, when your team kicks some righteous ass in front of the home folks, you’ve got to give them a little something extra.)

To his credit, Smart forthrightly took the blame for the debacle fully on his shoulders.  That’s a good place to start, but if he can’t fix what was broken (which was pretty much everything, admittedly) and fix it quickly, it’s not going to amount to much.  Unfortunately, the Kentucky game just got a lot more interesting than I anticipated it would be.

Shake it off and move on, Dawgs.  That may not be as inspiring a message as GATA, but it’s a good beginning.



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  1. WarD Eagle

    I’ve only seen the highlights, which means I’ve seen neither teams real “lowlights”. But it appears from the highlights and the stats, UGA’s OL &DL are 1-2 years away. R. Smith had a good number of tackles (maybe 1/5 of AUs plays?) meaning the DL was not getting off blocks and he was cleaning up in the gaps.

    I think the fumbles, etc also worked in AU’s favor this time around.

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  2. Aladawg

    Seanator, your comments are pretty much right on. A comment on the last 50 seconds of the first half specifically can summarize the coaching failure. We wasted 6 seconds getting the first timeout. Then calling the running play with no timeouts puts Kirby firmly in Bozo form. Some keep saying we are 1-2 years away and I contend that with so many key seniors we better win now. I know recruiting is great but you don’t replace Chubb, Michel, Thompson, Roquan(I’m guessing they are draft ready), Wynn, Sanders, Etc. easily. Let’s chalk this up to sceundenfritz and hope we can put it back together.


  3. merk

    I think the humility and crap talking that the media will be dropping on UGA is going to help a lot.

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  4. Bright Idea

    Another new task for Kirby as a head coach, bringing a good team back from an unexpected, humbling, ass kicking. I’m sure he’ll lean on the Seniors but he and Chaney also need a come to Jesus moment about unshackling the passing game. To think they would steamroll Auburn on the ground was pretty much telling the defense to go win the game. That can’t continue this year or next.

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  5. addr

    It’s hard to shoot yourself in the foot more than this team did on Saturday, and at the most inopportune times. Smart has done a good job in the mental toughness department, but to bounce back from that many critical mistakes in a game that was always going to have a razor thin margin of error is insanely difficult. For all the show of avoiding the rat poison, you got the feeling that it was just that – a show. This team still has a ways to go.

    But that wasn’t the most disappointing thing. The most disappointing thing is that the coaching staff apparently has no plan for when the ‘physically dominate your opponent’ plan doesn’t work. Auburn is the most talented team on the schedule, so it isn’t too far fetched to think that Georgia would have a tough time manhandling them, especially the Auburn front 7. Yet after 24 first half rushing yards the offensive game plan remained much the same.


    • I keep reading variations on this theme.

      If you’re getting your ass whipped do something else!

      As if any well coached team could effectively go from 1995 Nebraska to the 2000 Rams to the 1996 Florida gators to this year’s Washington State or Oklahoma offense. That’s not how football works. You have your identity and you go with that. It’s a 20 hour work week for these guys. If they are getting their ass handed to them on what they are working on this week, how effective are they gonna be doing something they’re aren’t practicing?

      The idea of physically dominating other teams is a pretty effective strategy. I’m sure we all hoped that we’d at least be able to hold our own. Perhaps it was a bad day. Perhaps our OL isn’t where it needs to be to run with the big boys. We’ll certainly have another chance to see. But the idea that the solution was to become some other football team in the middle of the third quarter is a bit unrealistic. Up until #4’s fumble we were in it with what we were doing.

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      • DawgByte

        We have a pass plays in our playbook, no? If you run up the middle on first down more than 60% and it’s effective 0%, logic would dictate you replace that run with something else.
        Predictability in play calling also hurts the offense. Based on down, distance and formations, Chaney’s offense is pretty easy to defend. The reason why it’s been working this year is our OL has for the most part been better than our opponents. The instance that wasn’t the case, Chaney had no response.
        The way Auburn played on Saturday, they could have beat anyone in the country. They whipped us in all phases of the game. It remains to be seen whether they can match that desire and execution again this season.

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        • You can have any reality you want if you make up the facts. After the first drive that ended in a TD, and I’ll assume you approved, where we ran on every 1st down save 1, we actually either threw or handed off to Mecole more than we ran Sony, Swift or Chubb on first down.

          Runs on first down after taking 7-0 lead:
          1. 6 yards
          2. 1 yard
          3. 5 yards
          4. 2 yards
          5. 1 yard
          6. 6 yards
          7. 0 yards
          8. 3 yards

          8 runs for 24 yards for 3 yards per play

          Passes or runs by non-RB’s on first down after taking 7-0 lead

          Mecole for 7
          Sacked loss of 6
          Sack fumble loss of 10
          Complete 15 yards
          Fromm run for 4
          14 yard td

          2 of 8 for 29 yards including two sacks and a fumble. Average gain per play: 2 yards.

          So I’m actuality we were 33% more effective with less turnovers when we ran on 1st and 10 after taking a 7-0 lead. And if you include the first drive we ran on first down as many times as we threw on first down.

          You do know that someone actually keeps up with this shit right? Go back and look before you spout off about how much better an OC you are than Jim Chaney because you just fucking KNOW we always ran in first down.

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          • Great research, thank you for doing this


          • nightnthebox

            Amen, Derek.
            The pressure Auburn was putting on Fromm wasn’t run-of-the-mill garden variety pocket pinching… it was the ears-back blind-side back-breaking, fumble-coughing freight train variety.
            We kept 7 in protection leaving 3 route runners and couldn’t stop 5 rushers.
            How you gonna throw out of that, regardless of down?
            A Screen?
            Screens aren’t a panacea against a 5-man rush.
            Folks oughta stop bitching about play-calling:
            Fact is: the O-line didn’t get it done so we lost. I don’t know a single play that works well when you can’t block/
            And I still don’t think Kirby made a terrible decision at the end of the half… a bit cautious, maybe, but hell man, the way things were going, a big sack puts the ball on the ground or us out of field goal range.
            A field goal and a trip to the locker room didn’t seem like a bad idea to me.


            • You’d think the fans want Chaney to go out and block Derrick Brown since Soloman is getting his ass kicked.

              Damn I wanted that kid to come to Athens.


            • aladawg

              Fine , then run the ball to the middle of the field to set up the field goal. You have a right to your opinion. My opinion is that was the worst 50 seconds of Kirby’s coaching career.

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        • Russ

          Somebody needs to introduce Cheney to the screen pass.

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          • Russ

            Also, with the TEs constantly on max protect, I would have taken a chance on a delayed TE pass.


            • Yes, absolutely. The lesson from Saturday is that we needed pass plays that require much longer to develop.

              Jake’s mom is grateful that you weren’t calling the plays.

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              • Russ

                Lol! Yeah I was concerned about real harm to Fromm.

                I assume both offense and defense have more than one way to do things, but it certainly didn’t look like we tried anything different. One jet sweep for 8 yards and then zip.

                Looked like the entire team and coaching staff were shellshocked. Coaches are paid to have some answers but they had none Saturday. I don’t think anyone was beating Auburn last week, but we seemed to not even try anything different.


                • I’m going to go out on a limb and say that about 50% of the teams wish they had done something different every week. Very insightful.

                  Perhaps you can serve as “Barnhart in waiting.”


          • How does a screen pass do anything if they can get pressure with four?

            There are two times a screen pass works. Against a blitz and vs. dime coverage. When they ain’t sending LB’s or DB’s they are going to have the intended receiver covered aren’t they?

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            • Got Cowdog

              Good research on the first down runs. The issue is with the pattern: run on first down, run on second down. Yardage gained/ needed matters not. How many second down passes were thrown? Not enough to make me think one was coming. I’m no offensive guru for sure, but the play calling seemed incredibly predictable and pedestrian, especially in the first half. Did they call any outside runs? If they did it wasn’t many.

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  6. Jared S.

    My wife and I were talking about how we hope Hardman isn’t too hard on himself for that drop.

    If the rest of the team had executed their jobs as well as he did all night we probably would have won.

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  7. paul

    I think every rational person knew a few things going into Saturday’s game: we have a lot of true freshmen on the offensive line, our true freshman quarterback has never been forced into a throw first situation and never really been forced to throw at all, Auburn is a good team we can never overlook. However, what we didn’t expect to see was: an undisciplined team from top to bottom, an unprepared team from top to bottom, an unprepared coaching staff from top to bottom. The latter was the most shocking. Our coaches and one plan and one plan only. We never adjusted once it became apparent halfway through the first quarter that major adjustments were necessary. We simply kept beating our heads against the wall in the vain hope that what had not worked all day suddenly would. And I don’t think anyone anticipated our defense getting pushed around the way they did. Our defense was manhandled from the get go. That I don’t think anyone saw coming. Though Alabama may be vulnerable in certain ways, we’re not likely to simply overpower them. We saw how things turn out when that won’t work this past Saturday. We need to spend the next few weeks figuring out some alternative game plans.


    • gastr1

      This is why Saban’s former coaches never beat him. He stacks so much on the power and depth side of things that the same philosophy is simply a LITE version of his that he’s built to dominate. It’s as though he’s stocking his own schedule with former assistants hired to mimic his success, but really only plants that will help ensure it.


  8. Satowndawg

    As much hell as Rodney Garner has taken on this blog, the one thing people forget is that he can coach the heck out of d linemen. Now he may not want to travel more than an hour away to recruit but once he gets them there he is one of the best around.


    • Part of the flak Garner has taken on this blog, and elsewhere, is precisely because he wasn’t doing any meaningful coaching whatsoever in his last few seasons at UGA.

      Garner has always been known as a great recruiter. His record as an actual coach has been uneven.


    • birddawg91

      Garner is a career bag man plan and simple. He’s too lazy to coach so he just goes buys him a D-line full of 5 stars. That would make anybody look like a great d-line coach.

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  9. Sportsdawg

    The one thing I’ve read & heard most from UGA fans is that we don’t have a “Plan B” when “Plan A” obviously isn’t working. All year it’s been said that the coaching staff hasn’t asked Fromm to do too much. Perhaps we should have taken the training wheels off the bike much sooner (not a knock against Fromm , but one against the staff). To be honest, I never thought we were the Number 1 team in America, but I did think Saturday would be a 4th quarter game with the result up for grabs until the end. Like the Senator said, the next two regular season games will tell us all about this team. There is still a lot to look forward to if we bounce back from this debacle.

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    • paul

      A number of us have said much the same about the passing game all season. And if you’re not willing to let Fromm sling it around why leave Eason on the bench?


  10. Hillbilly Dawg

    What was it Gary Danielson said in game? Something about being overly focused and playing too tight? It was apropos to be sure.


  11. Timphd

    I can only hope that the D game we brought is out and done now and won’t reappear. I also don’t believe Auburn can play that well again, their execution, and I use that term carefully as it has double meaning in this game, was almost flawless in every phase except kick coverage. If we meet again, I expect us to bring our A game and hope they can’t bring their A+ again.

    It is now that Kirby et.al. earn the raises they all want at the end of the year. If this is a blip on the radar, we’re all good. Another face plant against Kentucky or Tech and I will be looking for a new lucky hat. This one was undefeated before Saturday. I still think it has mojo left in it but I will have to see.

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  12. Normaltown Mike

    Besides Mecole fumble, what was the other STD? Can’t recall and don’t have the stomach to watch replay or read play-by-play summary.


  13. GruvenDawg

    Couple of thoughts…

    Did anyone think the game day atmosphere there helped Auburn? From the start with the Nick Fairley captain bit to the raucous crowd pumped by “lit” current music, huge video broad, montages, etc. I will be honest all of us were shocked at how contrasting it was to UGA’s in-game experience. That place was an ambush for a overconfident team that had no answers when it was punched in the mouth. It’s been a while since I have been to a away game at a SEC west opponent but that in-game atmosphere had the crowd in it the whole game.

    The end of first half play selection showed Kirby was playing not to lose instead of “hunting” and playing to win. He may have lost his team for the night on that series. Prior to the game my friends and I thought if UGA was within 7-14 going into the half we would be our normal dominant self in the second half. That series and the inability to hold up on the o-line in the first half had us all questioning if we could get back in the game during half time. The mistakes after halftime killed all margin for error.

    My hope is that the entire coaching staff uses this as a learning moment. We need to open up the playbook these last two games and get Fromm and the entire offense ready for plan B, specifically when we can’t run the ball down a teams throat. I hope they develop this plan because whoever we play in the SECCG is going to try to use Auburn’s blue print of press coverage and pressure the QB, not only that but they both have the personnel to do it. I will argue there is not a team in the SEC east that has a similar talent level as Auburn or Alabama besides us. Our game plans have worked so far against inferior talent, it didn’t work against comparable talent. I read why Kirby didn’t want to go pure pass when we were getting beat up front (couldn’t pass protect well enough) but there has to be a better answer. We need to be able to get the ball out quickly from shotgun and add in the screen and jet sweep game when the o-line is getting stomped.

    That was a eye opening game for me. I realize how far we need to go to become a perennial contender and you really do get everyone’s best shot in a ambush like environment. I love this team and they have far exceeded my expectations this season. I hope we whip UK and GT soundly while developing plan B. I hope the Auburn game serves as fuel to this team to get better and never be manhandled like that again. We have three weeks to get better let’s hope Kirby and staff can get them ready.


    • We need to open up the playbook these last two games and get Fromm and the entire offense ready for plan B, specifically when we can’t run the ball down a teams throat.

      One thing about your theory: Kentucky is 35th nationally in defensive yards per rush; Georgia Tech is 48th. Auburn is tenth. Georgia probably can run the ball down their respective throats.


      • GruvenDawg

        Agreed Senator. Just because we can implement plan A doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to develop plan B in our last two contests prior to the SECCG.


      • Dawg in Lutz

        They need to work on plan B in practice and don’t show it until Dec 2. let’s not show anything new until that game. you know Saban will try to dominate like AU did.


  14. Granthams replacement

    To add one point – Auburn looked faster/quicker at every position except punt returner, like Georgia had dead legs from practicing too much.


    • Coweta Dawg

      Agreed. Long before things got out of hand, the energy was clearly on the Auburn sideline and missing from the GA sideline. Maybe it was dead legs, tiredness or Jordan-Hare voodoo that day, but everyone – coaches included — just looked sluggish. Wherever the team stayed Fri. night should be changed for 2019.


    • doofusdawg

      Yep. You knew Kirby was not going to let the #1 ranking go to our heads.


  15. Ozam

    Dawgs got their a$$ whooped on so many levels…..it was in open sight for everyone to see.

    This game seemed like a Chaney/Smart reversion to 2015. You cannot simply impose your will on teams of equal or superior talent! Lack of X’s and O’s will get you beat. Rarely do we line up in a passing formation and pass, and our best play is throwing a jump ball to Wims! Lastly, if you don’t want to put Fromm in third and long do something with first down. There is no rule that says you must run the ball into the middle of an eight man box!

    Noise……I get that 95,000 people and a band can be loud, but the artificial noise being pumping from a Jumbotron, the width of the Sanford Stadium bridge, boarded on torture. I remember people talking about this at 2013 Clemson game, but this was the first time I experienced first hand. The fact that the SEC worries about cowbells and not this deafening bass is almost laughable. I don’t really like it, but there is no reason we don’t employ similar tactics at home. (fwiw, the NFL make this illegal)


  16. W Cobb Dawg

    As I said yesterday, whatever could go wrong did go wrong. This team was playing at a very high level in all facets of the game all season – great fundamentals, minimal turnovers, great execution, excellent tackling, etc. It’s tough to maintain that level of play throughout a season. So we had a bad game. It happens. I have no doubt we’ll come back tough and win next week.

    It would be nice if our OC could dial up an amazing come-from-behind air attack ‘on demand’. Chaney is not the guy for that. Chaney is never going to be confused with playcallers like Josh Heupel or Mike Leach. But he seems pretty good when the overall team is solid. You either accept Chaney’s limitations or roll the dice on an OC that can hold his own in a shootout.


    • AusDawg85

      ^This. There is no “air attack” when your OL is getting whipped. You have to establish something with mis-direction and side to side to keep the DE’s from just pinning their ears back and pressuring the pocket. No one’s mentioned Pittman by name, but I’d like to hear his account of why there was such a breakdown.


      • Dawgwalker07

        I’m still confused why we never dialed up a screen to try to neutralize the pass rush. I mean, the reality of it is on several plays the OL basically blocked for a screen anyways.


  17. AusDawg85

    I believe it was our first series of the 2nd half with goof field position. A moment when we could still fight our way back (probably not, but still…). The one thing Chaney could not do was risk a quick 3 & out and I’m screaming to the tv to NOT take the sucker bet on throwing deep on 1st down. Way to obvious for the situation and anyone who knows the UGA offense. But we did, Auburn was ready, it failed, we had a quick 3 & out. Game over.

    Don’t believe Jake kept the ball even once on a RPO.

    Don’t believe we tried a screen pass.

    Or a quick sideline throw.

    Sweep? WildDawg with misdirection?

    For the non-haters, watching Richt’s mix of plays and repeating successful plays 2-3 times in a row brought back found memories of our offense of old. It’s a worthy template to go back and review.

    Last week I was praising Chaney for mixing things up and for the incredible mental discipline imposed by Kirby. No idea how that evaporates in one quarter other than what’s been quoted…a plan is great until you get punched in the mouth. Stunned we didn’t choose to do the punching.

    I think we maul Kentucky and manage Tech. But the SECCG could get ugly without a lot of mental cleanup work which, interestingly enough, was the beginning of season prediction. So there’s that.

    That Kirby…he needs to be a sly one.


  18. baitstand

    I continue to wonder why we haven’t integrated our talented tight ends into the passing offense. When your offensive line is a sieve, tight end screens can at least give pause to the defensive rush, and help the running game be more effective.

    And why didn’t we use D’Andre Swift more?


  19. Macallanlover

    What is this screen pass your refer to Senator? I hope our new OC will spend a week in Fort Collins and learn how to put that into our play book and use the damn thing. Toss sweeps as well.

    How do you not see Holland on film and have a plan to give Thomas some help? I don’t care if you are passing, or running, that type of penetration that was able to get will bring any offense to a halt. Our OL didn’t have to dominate, just neutralize.

    Roquan was fine but not as much a force because our defensive line was on skates going back into the LBs territory and cut off the LBs from the ball. Watch #71 on Auburn’s OL, he had a few pancakes and dominated TT, and anyone else near him. Trent might have lost some NFL appeal Saturday, which was exactly the kind of game we needed him to step up in. Very disappointing performance by our defensive front, and no excuse for it. I said a great defense will keep you in every game, our defense was soft, and confused, on Saturday.


  20. Reinmart

    We’ve been voluntarily one-dimensional all season except for maybe one game. This game confirmed ,my worst fears about trotting out a true-freshman-QB-friendly offense against an elite defense. But no one cared as long as were blowing out mediocre SEC East teams.


  21. zdawg15

    We had 13 first downs. Does anyone remember if we had more than 1 in the 2nd qtr.?


  22. With all due respect, Senator, I’ve been to hell. Saturday evening was an ass-whoopin’ but it wasn’t hell. Hell was that hot AF 11:00 a.m. CDT kickoff in Oxford last year. We at least had a glimmer of hope at halftime on Saturday. Then the only adjustment we apparently made was to double down on the run. Humiliating? Yes. Hell? No. Hell was watching our defense get beat down at Vaught-Hemingway.

    The conspiracist in me says that Kirby is playing possum on the way to Atlanta. Let Saban see an inept game plan and smack him with some offensive brilliance on the first weekend in December. The realist in me says this is Year Two and we still ain’t beyond shittin’ the bed yet.


  23. Seeing a lot of comments about how a “Plan B” should have been used, but not much insight what this awesome plan should have been other than a few wrinkles. Did y’all expect them to put five out wide and Fromm in the shotgun in the 2nd half? We are what we are on offense and was still in the game until the 4th quarter. We got whipped in the trenches and shot ourselves in the foot, multiple times. No reason to think either happens again so one-sided.


    • Reinmart

      We were not in the game after the missed FG at halftime IMO.


      • ugafidelis

        The muffed punt was the nail in the coffin.


      • paul

        Agreed. And Kirby probably lost the confidence of the team with those calls. He was coaching scared and it was obvious. We’ve shown some really poor clock and game management leading up to the half this saeson but that was shockingly bad. And listening to Kirby try to explain it to the on field reporter I just knew we were totally screwed. The only question at that point was how bad will this beat down be.


  24. Mr. Smart like his style of offense and that’s it. It was like this last year and it’s the same this year. I really doubt there is even a Plan B unless he ends up using Eason. That’s his Plan B.


    • paul

      Eason is not plan B. If Eason were plan B we would have seen him on the field Saturday. Most definitely in the third quarter but it should have been earlier. It was clear Fromm was rattled early in the second quarter. Kirby has no intention of ever using Eason again. They’re betting this incoming freshman will make Eason expendable. Perhaps not the best idea to bank so heavily on an unproven prospect. We’ve seen a lot of high school phenoms wash out over the years.


  25. UGA got their butts beat by a team that would have beaten anyone in Division 1 on Saturday. I hope like hell Auburn can play like that against BAma.(live in Bama, dislike Bama)
    UGA will finish with a much better record than most thought and won the East. 11-1 most likely. Who would have thought that back in August.
    Smart has more to learn and last Saturday was a teaching lesson. All teams have them and all coaches do, even long time coaches.
    The future is very bright and some times you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield.
    So be it.


  26. And if Eason is ever the plan B on offense, then Eason should get truly meaningful plays in the next 2 games before SECCG. I do not see Eason having the confidence being a savior in that game without significant game time in the next 2 games..


    • TampaDawg

      Going to Eason at this point would signal panic mode to the whole team. Do you think Eason would’ve fared any better than Fromm against Auburn? I’m pretty confident the answer to that question is no. We could have had Aaron Rodgers back there and it wouldn’t have mattered. If the O-line can’t sustain a pocket for at least three seconds on a consistent basis and open up some lanes for the RB’s to occasionally gain more than a yard on first down, there’s not much Fromm, Eason, or Tom Brady would be able to do. To judge Fromm exclusively without evaluating his supporting cast is not fair to him and doesn’t put his performance into proper context. Fromm needs to be the guy the rest of the way and everyone needs to do their job whether it’s to block the man in front of them, run though the whole that’s been opened up, or hit the open receiver. It’s a team game, period. Fromm isn’t the reason we lost this game.


      • paul

        At his point it would need to be handled carefully. But in my opinion, Eason should have played at least the entire second half this past Saturday. Perhaps even more. When your quarterback is clearly rattled and ineffective bringing in the next guy isn’t a sign of panic. It’s a sign that you’re trying to do whatever you can to win and you’re willing to apply whatever resources you have on the sideline to do so. You’re correct that Fromm isn’t the reason we lost. But that doesn’t mean it would have been a bad idea to give Eason a shot. He couldn’t possibly have done worse.


  27. Got Cowdog

    Well hell, it’s the SEC. Really want schadenfreude on awbun? Bama beats Auburn, then we beat in the SECCG. Part 1? I’ll call it likely. Part 2? Bama looked beatable Saturday night, but I’m not sure Saban will let that happen again. I think we got a little big for our silver britches went to JHS expecting to win and that’s a sure way to lose. But enough about awbun.
    Whatever the outcome of Saturday’s game, I still enjoyed the UT and UF beatdowns. Win the East? Check. Bust CPJ in the mouth and get some payback? Working on it.
    Preseason, I said 10-2 with a loss in the SECCG. the losses would be to MSU and Auburn. Got Sr. said 9-3, Loss in SECCG with losses to ND, MSU, and Auburn. My point is, we got nothing to hang our heads about. Learn from this one and move on Dawgs. Still a lot of football to be played. Great season so far.
    And Auburn sux.


  28. Mayor

    Here’s my take and as usual it is different from everybody else’s. The Dawgs just are not as good as we thought. That is not intended to be a slight against anyone, players or coaches. The reality is the Dawgs hadn’t really played anyone good until the Auburn game. FU and UT are dumpster fires. Vandy sucks. Mizzou has a good O but no D. Missy State had come off beating an LSU team that wasn’t ready to play and the Missy State players were overrated themselves and had swallowed the media rat poison. I actually think in Starkville now that Missy State has gotten its act together better we would have a hard time beating Missy State, which may be the second best team we have played this season after Auburn. And Notre Dame–the biggest fraud in college football. We all thought that Georgia was a top caliber team because the Dawgs beat ND in South Bend by one point. Turns out ND ain’t shit as was demonstrated clearly by Miami. If you look at ND’s schedule all those teams they beat either have been mediocre or have been underachievers, too. Plus, ND’s ranking was in part built on having only lost by one point to the vaunted Georgia Bulldogs. ND’s ranking was built on “living a lie.” We are actually ahead of schedule in the rebuilding process. Last season Kirby was trying to change the culture and turn our finesse team into a smash mouth team. He has succeeded but the remnants remain. It will take another recruiting class or two to get the OL and DL that we need to be the true smash mouth team Kirby wants. In the meantime, this team is actually overachieving and we need to give them all the support we can muster.


  29. Will Trane

    Good to see the Kirby is putting emphasis on tackling this week. Spread teams and option teams make if mandatory you win in one on one tackling. Saturday the defense was chasing the ball and the play.
    With Kentucky and Tech coming it would be very beneficial to have the three and outs on our side.
    Kevin Steele owns Chaney! Two offensive touchdowns in 8 quarters. 111th in nation in passing.
    If Kirby is not careful his offense is going to look a lot like Florida under McElwain or the Arkansas offense.
    Chaney has been there thru almost two season. I understand he and Pittman are at a disadvantage with a deep and experience offensive line. Plus play true freshman QB in each of those two seasons. But they should have over a two year period developed a more potent passing game to support the running game.
    The downside for Eason must be his ability to checkout of plays. But Chaney should have been able to handle that. Fromm is a good QB with a 6A resume as a passing QB. But his passing skills are not as good as Eason.
    So what has the OC staff decided to do since it is in the culture of a Wisconsin and Arkansas.
    The receivers were the only bright spot Saturday. For me it was some of the best play I have seen from that position in awhile. They were physical and went after the ball.
    Neither Fromm or Eason came to UGA as pocket passers. And Pittman and Chaney has not done as good a job building pockets / protection. If Gilliard can snap the ball an extra yard or two into the shotgun, do not tell me Eason can not get the ball out and on time from a rush. TCU was a solid team last year and this year. Eason did well in that game.
    So is our offense going to become Arkansas or more balanced. As much as I would not like to say it, where is Bobo. Bobo had an offense and passing. His trouble was over using his RBs unlike Pittman and Chaney.
    I just do not think an O-line can road grade teams over the entire course of a season and more so in championship games and playoffs.
    Going to run all the time better start burning down that play clock and get some points of kickoff and punt returns, and Mecole is not far from that. Bet when Gus reviewed his film he probably said that kid could have kicked the bird poop out of us.
    Chaney when are we going to see 50+ points from your offense?


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