A stat that explains much

Hit or miss, bigly.

Once they get moving, Georgia’s offense is hard to stop.  It’s getting them moving that’s the tough part.



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29 responses to “A stat that explains much

  1. Hot damn. That’s an amazing stat.


    • The other Doug

      Yep. So, how do we change it?


      • Well it means winning on first down, frankly. I think UGA would be wise to try and pass more to set up the run, but that sounds great up until your OL gets blown up and you’re staring at 2nd and 10 or worse.


        • Uglydawg

          We should try running Chubb up the gut on first down..every first down for the rest of time. Nobody will figure it out and stop it. Can’t you just see it? Or did we just see it?

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          • Got Cowdog

            Let’s do the same on second down as well. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”

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            • 92 grad

              What’s amazing is how when you get a yardstick out, step off 4 yards, and look at how far that is right in front of you vs. what it looks like on tv. When it’s right in front of you you can see just how agonizing it really is to think that these athletes fight with all they’ve got to take two or three steps. Tv makes everything look bigger.


              • Got Cowdog

                This is true, 92. Something else that watching on TV does, you only see what the camera shows you, and the camera is almost always focused on the ball. (Side note: I love a fake so good that the camera stays with the fakee, then has to scan willy nilly around the play looking for the ball. Looking at you, David Greene) Once the ball is snapped and the players move the LOS gets blurred, unless it is highlighted for the TV viewers.


        • I️ don’t have the time to do the research, but it seems we rarely throw on early downs. Sure, I️ understand you want to stay on schedule and avoid long yardage, but when the defense expects and schemes for the run on 1st down, you have to throw sometimes.

          What frustrates me about our passing game is that we’re right back to “do no harm.” Rarely throwing intermediate routes in the middle of the field and never using the tight end … we used to rip up the hashes with tight ends. It forced safeties to stay in the middle of the field rather than to play two deep or come down to support the run. Very frustrating and I’ve felt this way before this past Saturday.


          • I think having a true freshman at QB is a large reason why we opt for a “do no harm” policy (which is a great way to describe it).


            • It’s time to take the training wheels off Fromm. IMHO, we need to determine if he can run the offense or not. He has made plays when Smart and Chaney have allowed him to (and his line has given him time). If he’s going to be the starter going forward into ‘18, let’s find out if he can make all of the throws. If Chaney’s plan doesn’t work (as it appeared on Saturday), he doesn’t seem to have a clue of what to do as plan B.

              Oh well, #beatUK.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    I doubt Kevin Steele is surprised at this.


  3. Got Cowdog

    Too soon.


  4. James

    UGA’s 2017 offense versus defense’s with a pulse:

    Notre Dame – 20 points
    South Carolina – 24 points
    Auburn – 20 points

    The real question we should be asking is:
    Can the offense execute against the best defenses in the nation AND can Chaney get creative?


    • Jared S.

      I felt like Chaney was aggressive and creative in our first drive at Auburn. After that it was 2016.


      • Dawg in Lutz

        Don’t forget he called the pass play to Ridley that was wide open and should have been a TD. He also called the flea-flicker that was wide open and should have been another TD if executed properly. Remember, he just calls the plays and the players have to execute them. If those two plays work, the Dawgs have 21 points at the half; and I truly think the second half is different. If the AU D knows we can go deep and will, they aren’t bringing the house every play like they did in the second half.

        Chaney just needs a few more plays to slow down the rush. Draws, screens, passes to the TE’s over the middle, etc…

        Let’s just win out!!


      • Russ2

        You are Damn right . Sums it up


  5. Bright Idea

    Can’t start every drive on your own 25 with two runs up the middle against tough competition. That leads to stats like this. Everybody not does get out of your way like the Gators did.

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  6. DawgFlan

    So we’re like the Aaron Judge of CFB… Strike-out or Home Run.

    Since ND many of us have self-deluded ourselves into thinking we didn’t need to develop a strong passing game to compliment and take pressure of the running game. It appears the coaches did as well. They should have been throwing more than 22% of the time whether it was needed to or not, we’re not Tech or Navy, and executed during games is completely different than practice. Hope and “no one has stopped us yet” are not a plan.

    Play-action, home run throws are fine when the running game is working, but it turns out Herbie and the outside critics were right – it’s a different world when the other teams knows the QB has to carry the team and sling it around, the OL has to face a pass rush, and the safeties hang back. The offense couldn’t do it.

    I don’t want to over-react because I think a lot of the Auburn game went poorly because of psychological/momentum/pressure factors, and had it been a home game the result would likely be a lot closer, but we were still exposed. I put the blame on the coaches for not working on a true passing game until it was too late.

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  7. Reinmart

    Its remarkable how it took a good drubbing to get everyone to realize the same concerns I have had about this offense ALL season. I credit Chaney for being a lot more creative than he was in 2016 but we have really only given lip-service to the idea of a balanced offense.

    The question is it too late to do anything about it? And are Chaney/Kirby willing to make the necessary adjustments?


    • Uglydawg

      It will still work against a team with an average or below average defensive line and LBs..but we stand exposed to Alabama and Auburn.
      Where in the hell are plays to slow down an over-agressive defense? Reverses, counters, screens, PASSING on first down?
      When you can’t block the opposition, you need to make them spread it out against a more open offense.
      When your O line is being eaten alive by the defense, you can’t be predictable on first down.
      And the freebies the Dawgs and the Refs gave AU were sickening.

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  8. I’m not surprised at the stat. Our offense has been feast or famine since Schottenheimer.


  9. Will Trane

    The Outlier.
    Kevin Steele at Auburn.
    He has Kirby’s offense under control.
    Bet Auburn circles the Georgia game under Steele with a note…we can dial it back this week in practice…does not take long to get ready for Chaney and a new frosh QB.


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