Money for nothing

Jeebus.  Jeff Long, Arkansas’ former athletic director who’s got the school on the hook for something like a $15 million buyout for a football coach whose won-loss record is significantly underwater, has himself got a $4.625 million buyout.  $4.625 million!

I’m in the wrong profession.

Keep in mind, too, that there’s a decent chance the folks who ousted Long after giving him that deal will dump Bert and look for a replacement without hiring a new AD first.  Christ, every agent in America’s got to be lining up for some of that sweet action.  As the old joke goes, I’d call them morons, except that would be an insult to morons everywhere.

Too bad there’s no money for student-athletes’ compensation, although we should consider that Jeff Long’s name doesn’t appear on the back of a jersey.


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6 responses to “Money for nothing

  1. An appalling waste of money. I was able to get my cousin the workers’ comp attorney to serve as my youth football team’s legal counsel – a role in which he provided far more value than Long ever provided to Arkansas – for the low price of unlimited access to my parents’ timeshare in Westminster, SC.


  2. Mayor

    Fox guarding the hen house. This is what you get when the guy who is supposed to be safeguarding the school’s assets in negotiations is in reality feathering his own nest. I guess he negotiated his own contract with…..himself?


  3. Dolly Llama

    I did not realize Bielema’s buyout was bigger than Jones’. Damn. You wonder if these big-buyout situations — and they seem to be everywhere, from Jimbo Fisher and down — won’t be addressed in future rounds of negotiation. As in higher annual salaries for coaches in exchange for much-diminished buyouts.


  4. Macallanlover

    I agree the athletic departments have not managed the money very well and have spent like a drunken sailor in some very questionable ways. (Don’t the business departments on campuses have some space available?) But to spend it in payment to athletes who already have a sweet deal wouldn’t make them look any better.

    Given the facility upgrades needed for other sports programs, that would seem a good place to start. Better enjoy it, it won’t last forever.


    • DaddyRichATL

      “…But to spend it in payment to athletes who already have a sweet deal wouldn’t make them look any better”

      Yes comrade Macallanlova, that “sweet deal” is their quota and must NEVER be influenced by market value of their services. Only the politburo – y’know, like AD’s and coaches – should be able to afford fine Dachas on Lake Burton. These players must think they are in America or something.
      “Hail Stalin!” “Hail Stalin!” Рядовой Павел Державин