Sauce for the goose

I notice that some of you have posted comments giving Smart something of a pass for the team’s poor effort against Auburn in the sense that it didn’t seem like the same old, same old kind of face plant we used to see with Richt.

In response, all I can say is that I bet if I posted a quote like this three years ago,

The D-line troubles are harder to explain. This is a deep and talented unit, and it was just pushed around. Auburn also isn’t on paper the best offensive line Georgia has faced. (That would be Notre Dame.) Talking to Georgia defensive linemen this week, including John Atkins and David Marshall, they attribute the problems to lack of focus, manifesting itself in not having gap control.  [Emphasis added.]

… I suspect some of you same folks would have gone ballistic over it.

Look, notwithstanding last week, Georgia’s had a great season and Smart’s done a lot of good to great things so far.  However, for the number one ranked team in the country to face one of its heated rivals and essentially not show up prepared to play — if you watched the game, you don’t really need to hear from the players about lack of focus to know it was true — well, that’s bad coaching, plain and simple.  There’s no point in splitting hairs.  Crap is crap.

Best thing to do is move on and hope there’s not a repeat.


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  1. Jared S.

    Mental toughness just wasn’t there.

    In many ways our first nine wins came too easily.

    It’s hard for me not to wonder if our lack of focus against Auburn was partly due to treating all games the same. Talking up teams that really aren’t that good in an effort to help your team stay focused may actually serve to desensitize them to the message: “Watch out! This week is going to be tough!”

    I don’t know. I have never been in the Trenches. Just can’t help wondering.

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  2. gastr1

    What could they possibly have been focused on instead? Rat poison?

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  3. By all means, move on. It IS Thursday.

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  4. Derek

    We played well enough on defense until it got out of hand. 3 straight forced fgs followed by a 3 and out ruined by 15’ s penalty after field position was compromised by the catch interference penalty by 2.

    Then they get us the ball back to start the second half after a 4 play drive and 4 fumbles the punt.

    I’m sure they’d like to play better, but dumb penalties, missed opportunities, ST errors and a bad OL were the issues.

    It did get a little out of hand once the score got lopsided.


  5. I don’t know about anyone else but I think the Dawgs face planted with the best of them. Total rushing yards for us, rushing defense, points scored against….. This was a meltdown of epic proportions. And it is truly inexplicable how you can consider yourself a possible championship contender if you let something like this happen to you. It just will not happen. Period. We have three games that matter and that we can control. If we have had a change in identity, we will handle Kentucky by 17-20 points, beat Tech by 14-20 and compete in the SEC game down to the wire. If not, we can look to next year. Trying to remain positive. Forced to be realistic.

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  6. heyberto

    I haven’t made excuses for Kirby on the mental mistakes front, but for me, I’m not heartbroken about the loss because I just don’t think we’re as good as we thought we were. We’re not there yet. I actually agreed with Kirby in his post game press conference.. I swear I said the same thing to my buddy after the game was over… We get beat whether the mental preparation was off or not. But the score was so lopsided because of where our heads are at. They were pushing us around all night. That’s what I think today. If we face Auburn again and somehow come out on the winning side, then I’ll retract that. So no, Kirby doesn’t get a pass but culture change is hard and I’m not sure this was an undetectable break down that he can now use for years to come. I’m content to wait and find out.


  7. Greg

    No argument here….these next 2 games should tell us how much they want it (players & staff). Cause they sure didn’t want it last week….they checked out (not all).


  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “Best thing to do is move on and hope there’s not a repeat.”

    Really, that’s it. The difference for me between now and three years ago is the first nine games make me think there won’t be a repeat.


  9. Raleigh St. Claire

    I think wallowing in it still on the Thursday after the game is the larger issue. Very few teams go undefeated. None, in fact, in the playoff era have won it with an undefeated record.

    All of the team’s goals are still attainable and the program is undeniably ahead of schedule.

    Wallowing, which is the only way to describe what you continue to do, literally makes no sense.

    And that is certainly not splitting hairs.


  10. Bill Glennon

    With Richt, “not showing up” happened with great regularity and moreso at the end of his tenure. I’m not happy about Saturday, but its 1 game. We showed up in every other one. With Richt, we didn’t show against a lot of cupcakes or in rivalry games (UT/FLA more than AU), even though we might have won somehow.

    I’m more willing to see it as an outlier than a pattern at this point. Kirby also seems less sanguine about it than Richt. It seems he shares the fan’s frustrations as he is contemplating lineup changes. Richt just responded with uniform changes that lost luster after a while.

    If it continues, I think fans will be a lot more upset, but I am giving Kirby the benefit of the doubt for this one.


    • The team didn’t show up for at least a couple of games last season, too.

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      • This in spades, but most here would blame those failures to show on Richt as well.


        • Kirby and Fromm both seem to have a halo around them that leads fans to give both a pass. Kirby had his ass handed to him by a coach not known for being a scheming genius. Fromm looked like a true freshman playing above his skis.

          I’m unsure what we’ll find out this week and UK isn’t good, but I think GT has some pieces (third down defense being chief among them) to stress UGA.

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          • Cojones

            UK isn’t bad either. They are about one TD lower on the Auburn scale and their stats are comparable in differing parameters of the game, especially takeaways. Take a look at their D standouts for sacks and tackles in the SEC.

            This year’s UK deserves our full respect and attention.

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            • They’re 58th in YPP on offense and 84th in YPP on defense, and that’s with a schedule littered with bad (or worse) teams. The one above average team they’ve played all year (MIssSt) drilled them 45-7.

              They’re not much they have similar to Auburn. And it’s at home. If UGA struggles in this game it will portend disaster against GT and/or the SEC West winner.

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          • SAtowndawg

            the cult of Fromm is strong at this point…agree that he has played great for a freshman, but the guy who clearly beat him out in pre-season should have gotten a look by now


            • Macallanlover

              I agree there were times Eason should have gotten some meaningful reps to knock the rust off. I hardly think there is anything resembling a “cult” like acceptance of Fromm, he has deserved/earned the support he has gotten from most all UGA fans, and UGA staff. Why do you think they continue to start him. He certainly has a grip on the number 1 position, you can tell a difference in the way he handles the huddle and controls the tempo; much more energy.

              Would anyone seriously want to make a change? And if so, why? We give up nothing and add a running play, plus more accuracy. He isn’t just playing well for a freshman, he is highly ranked in some significant categories among all college categories.


        • Aubrey E Walker

          Some people I know blame him for this year also. Said they would until everyone on the roster under CMR were gone. I thought that was hilarious.

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      • Bill Glennon

        They just sucked last year. They barely won every game last year.

        The trend is positive. Every coach in America with the possible exception of Nick Saban has trouble getting their kids up every week. Kirby is extolling the virtues and now has the Auburn game with which to flagellate the kids.

        I am more concerned about the team not dealing with adversity well than not showing up. After all, they did take the lead. Maybe some consider that the same thing, but I don’t.


    • aladawg

      So he gets a pass for Nicholls State, Vandy, Ga. Tech last year. Florida, Tennessee and Missouri have been dumpster fires(I know Missouri is improving against the other dumpster fires) this year and Notre Dame was exposed. Any expectation less than 9-1TO THIS POINT aren’t looking at the schedule as we did (Senator , myself included prior to the year) prior to the year. Now it’s all in front of us. Kirby won’t be graded on the first 10 games this year, but rather the final 4 or 5 games. Let’s see how good he AND these seniors are and come out and wax KY and the insects, then compete closely in the SECCG and then move to either a top tier bowl or the playoff. Anything less will be an indictment on the perpetrators.


      • Bill Glennon

        Yes. He gets a pass for last year. The Auburn game sucked, but Kirby won’t be graded on just the last 4-5 games. He should be graded on the whole season.


      • JPDawg

        We can’t ignore that 8 of the first 9 were very good showings, albeit against pretty awful teams. It wasn’t like this team eked out those wins (Notre Dame, being the exception).

        While Notre Dame certainly got waxed last week, they have beat a whole lot of very good football teams this season. They have three wins against current top-25 teams and they won those games by an average score of 40-15. Our win up there was a very good one.

        Miss St isn’t a total pushover either.

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  11. Rebar

    We need to win these next two games, but they are not going to be near as athletic as whomever we play in the third game. Quit saying these next two games will show us something; it is how we play against strong competition that counts. Auburn and Notre Dame are the best teams we have faced this year. We beat ND by one on the road and lost our shit against Auburn on the road. Be it Alabama or Auburn, this will show us how far we have come and how far we have to go.


    • JPDawg

      I think most people simply mean that they want to see how the team responds to the drubbing, not that we will learn whether or not we’re elite.


  12. This week is the reverse of the woodshed job we gave Little Nicky and LSU in 2004 … because we turned around and threw up on our shoes at home vs. Tennessee.

    Let’s see if we can become the hammer again the week after being the nail.


  13. Mayor

    I would take a one point victory over Kentucky and be happy–they are a better team than many think. That said, I wouldn’t want to be Kentucky and have to play Georgia this weekend after what happened to the Dawgs last weekend. Just sayin.’


  14. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m not giving anyone a pass. But I think it’s unrealistic to expect any team to rip through every single opponent without a hiccup – as the Dawgs had been doing. This game featured at least two of our most costly penalties of the year. It also had arguably our most costly turnover of the year. Add the probable most costly sack of the year, and the two most costly incompletions of the year. On top of all that, throw in some dumb play calls, some poor blocking, some missed containment, and the worst tackling of the year. And the opponent had their best game of the year. It all adds up to one shitshow of a game.

    That game is over. We can’t re-do it. Reliving it, fuming about it, rehashing it, instead of learning from it, serves no purpose. But one data point does not equal a trend.


    • Is it unrealistic to expect the number one team in the country not to lose by more than three touchdowns to a 2-loss team?

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      • W Cobb Dawg

        Yes, it’s absolutely unrealistic. Once mighty Nebraska loses to NIU, Stanford loses to SDSU, Clemson loses to Syracuse, etc, etc. Happens all the time. It’s not unique to UGA or the current season. You’re assuming a level of near perfection that is rarely achieved.

        But what I don’t get is why keep harping on it. Are you suggesting we clean house? Change the lineup? Dramatically alter offensive and/or defensive schemes? Bench Hardman for the fumble, or Walker or Sony for penalties, or Parrish for getting beat, or Blankenship for missing a FG, or replace Chaney for not making coherent calls with 26 seconds left? Other than disliking the result, like the rest of us, what’s your point for beating the dead horse Brother Bluto?


  15. Mike Cooley

    Glad you posted this, Senator. I did go ballistic that night after the game was over and did so here Sunday. The lack of focus and obvious lack of preparation made me crazy and it still concerns me because it did seem like, “here we go again” and we hadn’t seen a hint of that until last Saturday. We never want to lose but a loss wasn’t the problem. Going undefeated just rarely ever happens. It was the fact that we lost in such craptastic fashion to a team that is not a better team than we are and we did so through a gross lack focus and lack of preparation. That’s concerning for two reasons. First, why did it happen? I know it’s on the coaches but why did they allow it to happen? The second is, this is the same old problem and I honestly thought we had put it behind us. Why can’t we?

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  16. AusDawg85

    In the Kirby era, we don’t have “faceplant” games. They are strategic “throwaway” games.

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    • Jared S.

      I have to admit I wonder whether Kirby might not actually be kind of glad his team lost last Saturday.

      Don’t get me wrong. What I’ve said there ^^^^ is not the same thing as saying he tried to lose the game or that he didn’t try his best to win the game. Rather, I assume that he recognizes that there can definitely be a net positive as a result IF his team gets better from it. I mean, I know he thinks that because he’s already said it a hundred times….

      All that to say, I definitely don’t get the impression that Kirby was very surprised for flummoxed by the loss. I think he was supremely disappointed in how it played out, but I’ve been really impressed with his measured responses and focus. I think it shows his long-term emphasis on building a powerhouse and he realizes this is just part of….

      the process. =D


  17. lakedawg

    Do feel a little better about Kirby responding to the question about last year that the cupboard was not bare when he got here. Guess that was in a way admitting the staff did less than a stellar job with what they had.


  18. DB

    Fire Cheney😀


  19. Scorpio Jones, III

    Uhhh, lemme see…ah….Kentucky?