“This is not normal for a cornerback.”

I don’t mean this in a snarky way, but I am curious.  When I see a stat like this…

… I can’t help but wonder whom Kirby is referring to when he says the defense has had tackling problems all season.  I presume Roquan and Reed aren’t in the mix there, so who needs to up his tackling game?


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  1. With the year Baker is having, could he be a candidate as an early entrant into the draft? I hope not because he could be an all-star candidate in 2018.


  2. Sanford222view

    I am curious who the answer to that question is as well. I have seen N. Patrick miss some tackles this year but I couldn’t say if it was a high/significant percentage or not. I thought Georgia tackled pretty well all season thus far with a dip against Auburn but didn’t think it was even a huge issue against the Tigers. I may just have a fuzzy memory from Athens based beers but, I thought it was more of an issue of not making the tackle attempts until the ball was well passed the line of scrimmage more than missed tackles per say.


  3. Derek

    24 has been at the top of my list since he started playing. 35 would probably be next.


  4. Greg

    “I can’t help but wonder whom Kirby is referring to when he says the defense has had tackling problems all season”.

    My guess is, he meant getting into position to make a tackle. I saw a lot of open space last week….also, issues of not holding the edge (containment) on some of the misdirection plays Auburn ran


    • Russ

      That’s what I think as well. And just because it was so rare, Roquan missed a tackle in the second half that gave Auburn a TD.


      • Greg

        I saw that, unusual for him. Did you see that pass breakup he had in the end zone??………..He is the best to come thru UGA in a LONG time….and the best I have seen in CF in a LONG time.


  5. aladawg

    Kirby was motivating players with that. I guess he thinks we are too dumb to see the stats for the year. His resume’ will be evaluated on these last 4 or 5 games , the first 10 not so much.


  6. Granthams replacement

    On the last touchdown auburn scored #3,24 and 18 looked like they did it put forth Max effort. 18 had a shot at the 1 yard line but barely put a 2 hand touch on him.


  7. Mayor

    There seemed to be no missed tackles early in the year, including against ND. As the year has progressed I have seen some missed tackles, notably against Mizzou and South Carolina, culminating in what I saw as a lot of missed tackles against Auburn–but I didn’t keep a log on who it was. A lot of the problem was being out of position and having to arm tackle.


  8. scrambledawg

    He’s referring to the entire DL, Bellamy, Carter, Parrish and Dom. They were all terrible in the auburn game.


    • The Truth

      The ND game is the outlier in a season where Bellamy has probably underperformed, at least in relative to expectations.


  9. Cojones

    This is for tackles that are in front of him, amirite? What is the stat for receivers getting behind him? Or runners being released to a backfield that is busy shooting the gap? Curious, that’s all.