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Run the damned ball, Georgia.

This is pretty cool.


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Even Mark Bradley…

If you’re a Tech fan, it’s a pretty sad omen when Bradley doesn’t have his heart in trolling Georgia about this year’s game.


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Celebrate good times, come on!

From Tim Tebow setting scoring records to this…

I guess that makes him the Greatest Punter Of Our Era.  What a time to be a Gator fan!


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A gentle, yet needed, reminder

This seems so obvious to me.

All an eight-team playoff will do is lessen the impact of losses in some of those games.  It’s unnecessary, unless you’re the commissioner of a P5 conference that’s shut out of the CFP.  Which is why, although an eight-team playoff may be unnecessary, it’s also inevitable.


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Where’s Ben?

Ben Cleveland got the start at right guard yesterday and played credibly, which, judging from some of the comments I’ve seen sprinkled on the Intertubes calling him a bust for not immediately starting last season, was quite the surprise.  For those folks, who evidently struggle with the concept that most offensive linemen need some developmental time before being ready to be thrown into the SEC wars, let Ben himself explain how that works.

Cleveland, a four-star recruit from Stephens County, was Georgia’s highest-ranked offensive lineman in the 2016 class, but took a redshirt he said he needed.

“I think redshirting is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” he said. “It gave me just that one year to develop and practice my craft. I have zero complaints with it.”

Cleveland said he needed to work on his technique, flexibility and strength.

“I wasn’t physically developed enough to play at this level,” he said.

Good advice for anyone ready to write Isaiah Wilson off.  Patience, grasshoppers.


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Two men walk into a Knoxville BBQ joint…

and hilarity ensues.

I’m not sure what pain Vol fans deserve more, Gruden, the pipe dream or actually hiring a man who hasn’t coached in college in decades and would likely abandon ship as soon as things weren’t fun anymore.


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It’s never too early to get ‘yer Hate Week on.

Those Stingtalk posts aren’t gonna mock themselves, peeps.


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A very good year

Some of you have made mention of some remarkable accomplishments for the Dawgs this season, and I thought it would make sense to summarize a few of them in a post.

  • 2017 is the first time since the SEC went to divisional play in 1992 that Georgia swept the East.
  • Georgia was undefeated at home for the first time in five years.
  • Defensive scoring in conference play declined by more than nine points a game from 2016 to 2017, good enough to improve from seventh to second.
  • Offensive scoring in conference play increased by sixteen points a game from 2016 to 2017.  Georgia climbed from twelfth to third in the SEC.

I don’t think even the most pessimistic observer of the program can deny that things are moving in the right direction.  What’s left is for this team to finish strong and set the table for bigger and better things in 2018 and the years following.

One other enjoyable occurrence worth mentioning is that this team, when presented with the opportunity to do so, has avenged every loss it suffered last season.

Which, of course, brings us to Georgia Tech.

Just on general principles, this team ought to be motivated with the heat of a thousand suns to kick some righteous Tech ass.  Add to that the memory of last year’s embarrassing collapse along with the absurd possibility that a loss this week would mean this year’s senior class would leave with a losing record against the Jackets and it would be a shock to see this bunch show up not ready to play.

As a bonus, a Georgia win would ruin Tech’s home undefeated streak this season, as well as leave the Jackets at 5-6 for the year.  Would it be immensely enjoyable to stroll out of Bobby Dodd Stadium wishing enraged passers-by a happy bowl season?  Asking for a friend…


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