A gentle, yet needed, reminder

This seems so obvious to me.

All an eight-team playoff will do is lessen the impact of losses in some of those games.  It’s unnecessary, unless you’re the commissioner of a P5 conference that’s shut out of the CFP.  Which is why, although an eight-team playoff may be unnecessary, it’s also inevitable.


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19 responses to “A gentle, yet needed, reminder

  1. CB

    Maybe they’ll just go 6 and chill.


    • Alkaline

      6 is perfect IMO. The 5 major conference champs + best Group of 5 champ. Makes winning your conference the main goal, the top 2 are rewarded with a bye, and everyone has a clear path to the NC. The only room for subjectivity is seeding just like every other college sport.


      • CB

        I’d like to go to 6, and eliminate the conference championship games that are often meaningless. Bring back the BCS ranking system and scrap the committee. Top 6 go, and nobody is gonna feel bad for #7.


  2. Macallanlover

    Pure BS, but everyone has an opinion. Four will never be enough when you have 5 major conferences, or you move to 4 sixteen team conferences with a championship game. Eight team playoff will enhance the regular season, not diminish it. That isn’t agreeable to many of you, and that is fine.

    Unfortunately we are stuck with the present set-up so you folks get your way for a few years longer. I am a patient man, but an old man, so I may not live to see it, that is why it pisses me off. Have no problem with living with the majority being against me, just hate to see facts like that bounced around unchallenged. We are years away unless the Committee slights two conferences this season (please do this!)


  3. Bob

    Actually 4 is already 4 too many. But keep pushing for more. Maybe we can make the college football regular season as thrilling as the college basketball season is. You know the one where Boise State and Wyoming have more viewers that Carolina-Duke roundball. Lol.


    • Cojones

      That crappy “The sky is falling!” statement is not a serious statement. Surprised you didn’t use “slippery slope” . You come off sounding like a Roy Moore supporter.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    It’s been a fun year to see both Smart and RIcht do well. I want to see our Dawgs run all over the gnats and rename Mark RIcht Field to Kirby Smart Field.

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  5. ViewsfromtheSouth

    I’d probably go to 6 teams and give the top 2 a bye, similar to the NFL with the AFC/NFC. I’d also let the group of 5 teams have a playoff for their top teams too.

    8 is the highest realistic that you can do before it starts watering down the regular season and if you do that, I’d do the power 5 conference champs and 3 wild card teams…of a committee’s choosing, which isn’t great but a committee comes in eventually.


    • Yeah, but in the NFL the bye is earned by your win-loss record. Not decided by a bunch of suits in a room. In CFB, a bye week would be a HUGE advantage and would cause fan meltdowns over who gets it and who does not. Imagine an undefeated Ohio St. getting the bye over an undefeated USC? Also, the guys who play the extra game will have played, what, 16 games total if they run the table? That is nuts.


  6. BigD

    The eight team format basically assures the Irish of an annual playoff spot.

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    • Macallanlover

      No, it doesn’t. We have had three years with the current, limited playoff and they have not made it into any with four at large spots. With 8, you would have 5 spots taken by conference champs, with only 3 at-large spots (one of which should go to the highest Group of 5 team, imo) so they would still have to get the Committee’s selection. I think that will require them to play well against a pretty good schedule to get one of those two spots. Personally I don’t care if they are even permitted in, but I doubt the conference commissioners have the balls to do that. I would be fine if they earn the spot by being held to an improved schedule, similar to the one they have this year.


    • waterloodawg

      And any Ohio state team with less than 4 losses.



    I like the way it is now….


  8. Bob

    I like the way it was. But we are already on that slippery slope.

    College Football is loved because it is different. But now everyone wants to make it NFL lite. The College Basketball Regular season is the biggest joke on the planet. It is like 4 months of Spring Training to get to a 16 day one and done tourney.


  9. rchris

    Here you go….. Limit FBS to 128 teams, let everybody play their 6 most bitter rivals for seeding purposes, and then play a 7 game single elimination tournament that EVERYBODY gets into. Ha Ha Ha. Everyone has a shot, and you’d still have people complaining, saying they would’ve won it all if only they’d gotten a better seed. If you’re considered the 5th best team in America, there’s no way you’re the best. Quit whining and go home!


  10. JasonC

    So pulling for Michigan this week and Ohio State the next.