A very good year

Some of you have made mention of some remarkable accomplishments for the Dawgs this season, and I thought it would make sense to summarize a few of them in a post.

  • 2017 is the first time since the SEC went to divisional play in 1992 that Georgia swept the East.
  • Georgia was undefeated at home for the first time in five years.
  • Defensive scoring in conference play declined by more than nine points a game from 2016 to 2017, good enough to improve from seventh to second.
  • Offensive scoring in conference play increased by sixteen points a game from 2016 to 2017.  Georgia climbed from twelfth to third in the SEC.

I don’t think even the most pessimistic observer of the program can deny that things are moving in the right direction.  What’s left is for this team to finish strong and set the table for bigger and better things in 2018 and the years following.

One other enjoyable occurrence worth mentioning is that this team, when presented with the opportunity to do so, has avenged every loss it suffered last season.

Which, of course, brings us to Georgia Tech.

Just on general principles, this team ought to be motivated with the heat of a thousand suns to kick some righteous Tech ass.  Add to that the memory of last year’s embarrassing collapse along with the absurd possibility that a loss this week would mean this year’s senior class would leave with a losing record against the Jackets and it would be a shock to see this bunch show up not ready to play.

As a bonus, a Georgia win would ruin Tech’s home undefeated streak this season, as well as leave the Jackets at 5-6 for the year.  Would it be immensely enjoyable to stroll out of Bobby Dodd Stadium wishing enraged passers-by a happy bowl season?  Asking for a friend…


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25 responses to “A very good year

  1. Spike

    It’s tech. Not Tech. Amiright Athens Dog?

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  2. southernlawyer11

    In the 2003 game at the Joke, I had a full cup of ice water thrown in my face by a 75yr old man for basically asking that same question.

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  3. Derek

    Hard to believe but we haven’t lost in BDS since 1989. (1999 will never count).

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Tell your friend to be careful saying that. He might get hit with a slide rule.


  5. This game always makes me nervous because if we lose we just basically choked and gave the game away.

    Chubb and co. didn’t come back to choke against Tech in their last game against them.


    • cali_dawg

      This game makes me angry because tech’s stupid, shitty high school offense does nothing but put our defense at risk for needless injuries a week before the SEC championship.

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      • Mayor

        You make a point. Why should we risk injury right before the most important part of the season (the SECCG and the playoff) and play Tech as our last regular season game? I prefer to play the Jackets as an early season game like Michigan and Michigan State do. Besides,Tech really isn’t a rival anymore. They gave that up when they got out of the SEC. Georgia’s biggest rivals are other SEC teams like UT, FU, Auburn and (dare I suggest it) South Carolina. I don’t agree that we should stop playing Tech like some have suggested–just treat them like the insects they are and move them to the cupcake game part of the schedule early on.


        • The 984

          We have no one to slot into the last week then. UF, Auburn, Tenn, SCAR, Vandy, and Kentucky all have games locked in to end the season. Mizzo u and Arkansas are trying to grow into that too. Ole Miss, CLANGA, LSU, atm, Alabama…

          Barring ending the season with a random Sun Belt tram each year, we have no one else to play.


    • Will (The Other One)

      You have to figure Chubb will be extra motivated. Because of the injury 2 years ago, he’s never suited up and played in a win vs the NATS. I think they’ll get that corrected Saturday.

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  6. atlasshrugged55

    This team exceeded expectations thanks to Nick, Sony & Roquan putting them on their shoulders. Those two made more amazing runs, sometimes just getting back to the line of scrimmage.

    Our coaches better continue to recruit lights out because the coaching & offensive philosophy is seriously flawed. Our continued hitting our head against the wall run-it-up-the-gut offense & poor tackling will require us to have players so superior to our opponents to reach the level where we are now.

    Which gets us back to how amazing Nick, Sony & Roquan have been all year.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    DO YOU REALIZE we’ve lost 2 of the last three to those shithooks. I want blood!


  8. Greg

    What’s left is for this team to finish strong and set the table for bigger and better things in 2018 and the years following.

    It has been a great year so far, beyond my expectations going into the season…..not because of the players, but I still had major questions about the coaching staff. I hope they keep proving me wrong, it looks like they are getting the most out of the players.

    As far as ’18 goes, my guess is….they better do it now if it is going to get done in the near future (MNC). We lose too much next year imo….but what do I know. Looking forward to a beat down next week, GT deserves it.


    • cali_dawg

      Yeah agree, I know we have stellar recruits but we will be basically fielding an entirely new team on both sides of the ball. I’d be shocked if there weren’t growing pains.


      • Greg

        I also mostly agree with what Atlass said above, especially on offense. We seem to be very stubborn on philosophy at times, but who the hell knows…..maybe they feel the opposition will finally wear down and we will pop a few, it’s worked for the most part. I just don’t think that will work against a Bama or Auburn (again). It is not so much how much we pass, it is when…..it seems as everybody knows it, including me…which ain’t good. When we do seem to get into a flow (mixing it up), we go back to predictability. It drives me nuts….



    Can’t stand playing GT…get no credit for beating them, get run out of town for a loss.

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  10. Jack Burton

    Those improvements are insane.


  11. Just on general principles and in the spirit of Clean, Old Fashioned Hate, Senator, could you, in classic strikethrough style, edit the first sentence of the penultimate graf so that it’s not Tech that’s righteous, but the kicking that is? Sincere thanks. #GoDawgs #GoHoos

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  12. No Axe To Grind

    If Smart continues to recruit at a high level and the team improves at the same rate for the next two years, then there is no reason why UGA should not be competitive against Saban within two more years. Saban is at least 64 or 65 by now and will not coach forever. One day Gus is going to end up ass out of luck and that will be the end of him. There is no reason UGA and Smart should not be at the top of the SEC or the next thing to it in the coming years. He may not have quite the success that Saban has had but he should be damn close to it.


  13. Charlottedawg

    Nick Chubb has never beaten tech. That needs to be fixed. Big time.


  14. I would like to see us win this game big, and then CKS announce we refuse to play GT ever again unless they pledge to stop the career threatening chop blocks.