A sign of confidence

Georgia Tech’s athletic director is working the phones trying to find an opponent to schedule for a twelfth regular season game.  Why?

Tech is 5-5 going into its final scheduled regular-season game against Georgia Saturday at Bobby Dodd Stadium. A win secures bowl eligibility. If Tech were to lose the game, it would be in limbo regarding its bowl status. The Yellow Jackets could conceivably receive a bowl invitation at 5-6, but only if there weren’t enough bowl-eligible teams, which may not be known until December 2.

I do hope the genius gets asked about that in his pre-game presser this week.


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21 responses to “A sign of confidence

  1. Spike

    He’s got bigger fish to fry now!


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Florida’s available. It missed a game. So are Miami and FSU.

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  3. WF Dawg

    IIRC, UCF was Tech’s opponent in the canceled game. Even if UCF is free on 12/2, something tells me Tech won’t be reaching out.


  4. My Christmas wish is both Tech and FSU miss out on a bowl game. Couldn’t happen to two more worthy teams.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    I heard Ga Southern. But fishfry nixed it because doesn’t like to play against that offense and is worried about those chop blocks. Plus, GSU is coming off a huge win.

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  6. Cojones

    Some sad news. My neighbor that I have mentioned before, with the UGA-worthy last name, died in August of bone cancer. He was diagnosed in June, 2016 and we spent many good days talking college football on the patio as he remained a staunch Miami and Mark Richt fan to the last. He was under Hospice care on a once-weekly basis and was able to remain with us as his caregivers here in our home (or next door sometimes) for all of that year. He had adopted UGA as his second team since he already was familiar with Richt and was beside himself when “The U” hired him. He programmed any shows that interviewed Richt or discussed Miami football on our tv. He became an avid birdwatcher during his stay with close-hand observations of three feeders outside our living room window and would tell me when any constrictors appeared in the bushes where they flew to rest (while taking turns in feeding) so that I might carry them off.

    Although he was mobile (walker) and a rational conversationalist until the very last, he never gave permission to suggest his name for the Jumbotron during a Tech game and I will miss him greatly, especially at this time of our season’s schedule.