Crazy, man, crazy.

Right now, we know for certain that three SEC teams are shopping for new head football coaches.  There’s a strong likelihood that Arkansas and Texas A&M will join their numbers and, if rumors are true about the Hogs pining for the return of Gus Malzahn, Auburn might, too.  That would make a total of six (duh).  How unusual would that be?  Well, the last time there were that many SEC schools in the hunt, it was 1946.

It’s weird to think if that were to come to pass, Kirby Smart, going into his third season, would move into the middle of the pack seniority wise among conference coaches.

It’s even weirder to concede that Junior has a point when he says about the potential of returning to Knoxville,

“Time heals everything, I guess,” Kiffin told ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi during an interview on College GameDay on Saturday. “That wasn’t the reaction I remember when couches were burning, sneaking out with the cops to the airport.”


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I think the situation is more like the Kiffin Kancer is standing down in Boca yelling “what about me” and colleges are ignoring him.


  2. Spike

    For more grist in the rumor mill.. my FSU alumni/ brother says Fisher is going to Texas A&M… Hmmm..


    • Macallanlover

      Doubt it, but Texas > Florida.

      Listening to a conversation on Kiffin yesterday that said his best fit would be UCF, assuming Frost left. Not only would he inherit good talent, he would utilize the same recruiting area he is already working and be in a more visible program. Recruiting for FU and FSU would be more difficult, never a bad thing.


  3. Timphd

    Please let Chip go to UCLA, Gruden take the Tampa Bay job and Kiffin go back to Rocky Top. Gator and Vol fan bases would hit Defcon 5 in minutes. My Gator friends were sure Chip was coming before UCLA opened. They’ll be crushed if he passes them up. Joy!


  4. Uglydawg

    A year or so ago I mentioned (right here on GTP) Cutcliffe as a coach that would be a great catch for the SEC…(again)… I was told that he is a man that is very comfortable with the low pressure, great family lifestyle at Duke. I can understand that, but as someone said yesterday, “What a fine coach”. Two schools would be much better off today had they realized that…Tennessee and Ole Miss. But Tennessee always seems to want a shiny new penny over a worn dollar.
    I cannot imagine Kiffin ever stepping foot in Knoxville without a large contingent of body guards and wearing a flak jacket. Stranger things have happened I suppose, but there is some serious bad blood between the hillbillies and Flash. Probably most ADs see him as a bad risk.
    In the meantime, UGA needs to keep padding that emergency fund so when Nicky takes his flight from ‘Bama , we can afford to keep Kirby.

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    • UGA in East BAy

      Why would Kirby go to Alabama? I have seen that posted here a few times and have trouble making sense of that.


  5. Cousin Eddie

    Kiffy to ole miss, they deserve each other and would be perfect fits.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m hoping Frost stays put, or goes to Nebraska or UCLA. Prefer our sec brethren hire old retreads, has-beens and never-gonna-be’s than the next up and comer. I see Frost as potentially the biggest threat to our new found success – on the field and recruiting.