Paul Johnson’s convenient memory lapse

Paul Johnson is shocked, shocked that someone would suggest Tech’s blocking style is hazardous to other teams’ health.

“As a conference rule, we have to have four ambulances at our games because we hurt so many people,” Johnson said sarcastically. “Come on. In 10 years, I can’t remember anybody that’s ever gotten hurt out there playing (because of Tech’s offensive style).

“That’s just trying to get the officials to call something that isn’t there.”

DeAngelo Tyson would be happy to refresh your memory, genius.  (Apologies for the picture disappearing into the ether.)

At least Auburn’s never tried to pretend Nick Fairley didn’t exist.


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16 responses to “Paul Johnson’s convenient memory lapse

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Paul the Johnson strikes again. No matter what the question, his answer is “go fuck yourself”.


  2. Paul knows what’s coming. I will say that he pretty much calls it like it is. When the games have been close, if you go back during the week, he’s been pretty confident. I have seen none of had so far. I think he knows 2012 part 2 is coming.


  3. Ask Abry Jones – if I remember correctly, he missed the Bama 2012 game due to a cut block as well


  4. LakeOconeeDawg

    Any one see Kirbys comments yesterday on the subject? He stated that “we are allowed to cut them too.”


    • LakeOconeeDawg

      Sorry………just seen a whole thread below talking about the comment. As usual, the Senator is way out in front!


  5. Can we just replace them with Clemson on our schedule already?

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  6. For some to think him a genius he certainly is stupid IMO.


    • Uglydawg

      It’s more like he’s a Savant.
      Not a genius but a sleight of hand artist that uses the fear of injuries to slow down opposing defenses and win enough games to keep him in a paycheck, but the powers at GT must know they could do better..they have in the past. But keep him, please!
      When opposing teams have to prepare for your offense every week of the season, you’re doing something right..or at least manipulating smoke and mirrors so that your dumb assed fans think you are.
      I can’t stand the prick, but we have to acknowledge that his offense is problematic.
      And he does it with niche players that other schools don’t recruit.
      PJ’s problem comes when it’s raining and the ball and field are kills his offense. A rainstorm destroyed their effort in Miami. It was beautiful!
      Also, he cannot come back when trailing by much. And his defense tends to tire against stronger, deeper teams. Cutcliffe played him like a violin last week.
      Not much of a kicking game either.
      HIs biggest problem is when a team has a full week or better to prepare for his offense..esp if that team is pretty good. This is why he thrives on the short week (thursday or so) game.’
      I look for UGA’s linebackers to do some head hunting this Saturday.


      • 81Dog

        you must have missed the 2008 game in Athens. Rained in monsoon like quantities, and they overcame a 3 TD defecit to beat us something like 45-42. Totally humiliating collapse, based largely on failure to tackle GTU ballcarriers. The rain didn’t help them in Miami, but it didn’t hurt them at all in 2008.


  7. WTF? They put a guy from Duke out last week. They cut him on a sweep, and as he stumbled, he planted wrong on the opposite foot and his knee went sideways. 2nd quarter. Looked like a MCL to me but it wasn’t good either way.


  8. Athens Dog

    just a turd talking……nothing to see……keep on moving


  9. Macallanlover

    I think the point is missed about the exact number of injuries, the reason there aren’t more is defenders have to stop playing the actual game to use their hands to ward off the cheap-shot and avoid injuries to their career. When a player has to do that, you know a rule to make it a penalty is long overdue, no surprise since it falls into the NCAA’s area of responsibility. You remember them, they are really, really concerned about player safety. I promise you, if the military academies did not run this mickey mouse offense, this dirty, scummy style of blocking would have been banned long ago.

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