Stupid is as stupid does.

There’s a Steve Spurrier quote just waiting to emerge about this:

The Auburn Athletics Ticket Office released a notice Tuesday that there were several counterfeit tickets used when Auburn hosted Georgia on Nov. 11.

During Auburn’s game against Georgia, the ticket office saw fans attempting to use a few different types of fake tickets.

Fans attempted to use hard tickets that were reproduced with inferior paper and incorrect ads on the back. Fans also attempted to use tickets where incorrect seat numbers were photoshopped.

Scalpers also sold tickets for past or future games and bought tickets from fans with counterfeit money.  [Emphasis added.]

Seriously, you didn’t even bother to check to see if Georgia appeared on the face of the ticket you bought?

… the ticket office also asked patrons to be cautious when buying tickets from secondary sources for the Iron Bowl on Saturday, also hosted by Auburn at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Now there’s a warning that’ll fall on deaf ears.


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13 responses to “Stupid is as stupid does.

  1. anon

    Buying counterfeit tickets with counterfeit money — so auburn

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  2. AusDawg85

    Sounds like Raylon would be justified to come out of retirement and deal with the Dixie mafia.


  3. 81Dog

    Boyd Crowder is too smart to be an Auburn fan. Now, Coover Bennett? THAT guy is an Auburn fan.


  4. KornDawg

    Someone I know, that frequents this board, almost bought some counterfeit tix Saturday. They were warned by another fan. The tix didn’t have the perforations and there was something off about the ad on the back of it.


    • Bulldawg Bill

      My thanks to the Dawg fan that warned me! i was able to get the price down to $150.00! Imagine that!!! We were about to do it when the guy tapped me on the shoulder and pulled me aside. Wheww!! Where you from, KornDawg??


  5. Rampdawg

    Making counterfeit tickets will get you in trouble. Making counterfeit money will get you in deep shit trouble.


  6. I’ll say it again: the Gumps are having a helluva month.


  7. Soccer Dawg

    Three folks sitting directly behind me at game last Saturday vs KY apparently bought counterfeit tickets. They were required to move.It was a mother father and their senior in HS daughter who had everything go right with her visit to the school except for the tickets


  8. Uglydawg

    If someone you don’t know offers to sell you tickets, ask them if they are willing to let you make a video of them holding them up and guaranteeing their legitimacy. If they’re a crook, they’ll refuse. If they’re a crook and they let you do the video, they are probably wearing an Barn hat…make them remove it for the pic. You’re phone is a great tool. If you ever feel threatened (tell you wife and daughters), just take a pic of the threat and tell him it just went to the police, facebook, etc. Also works when you want to help someone…if they are broke down or something, tell them it’s ok to take your picture and send it to someone so they will let you help.


  9. This stuff is all getting weird with this “Official Partner of Stub Hub”. I bought two of the public tix for App State for a guy and it turned out he couldn’t make it so i put them on SH for face. They sold in about 30 seconds but that’s when I learned that “official partner” means the Athletic Association get the information and reissues the “ticket” with a new bar code. That means if you get the F/S away, Championship, or bowl ticket and sell them the AA is going to know who and for how much you sell them. I’m not crazy about that setup.