The evolution of Lorenzo Carter

He leads the team in sacks and is second in tackles for loss, but I’ve noticed more than a few comments directed towards Carter, expressing disappointment that he hasn’t been a more disruptive player this season.  The problem with that observation is that it’s hard to disrupt the line of scrimmage when you’re being asked to play more in coverage.

“The biggest thing is that he’s become an every-down player,” Smart said. “He’s gotten a little bigger and more physical, and he’s been able to play some in nickel packages. We have moved him around so that he could play field boundary. He can do different things. He can stand up and match patterns. He’s improved that part of his game, and that’s the part that he probably needed to improve the most. I’m glad he came back to do it.”

If Kirby’s happy with him, we probably ought to be, too.


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8 responses to “The evolution of Lorenzo Carter

  1. Bill M

    I wouldn’t say im disappointed in Lorenzo per se, I’m more upset by the lack of pass rush as a whole. No one has really stepped up in his “absence” whether that be another OLB or a DL. I love Bellamy but I’m ready to see what kids like Walker and Grant can do.


    • Macallanlover

      This is where I am as well. I understand the scheme has reduced some of the stat lines but Carter and Bellamy seemed to be more aggressive earlier in the season. Also feel Carter has failed at contain more recently, hard to figure for an experienced player. But step it up in the rest of the games and make some money guys….starting this week.


  2. barneydawg

    I just want him to keep contain on Saturday.


    • Got Cowdog

      What makes me feel good about Saturday? The UT-gt game this season. My thought during that one, after watching the Dawgs play a couple of times, was “If they try to run that little bitty QB fifty times against UGA, there won’t be enough of him left to fill his helmet.”
      The only info I get about the slide rule stallions is on this blog, so I’m assuming he is still the QB. What do I want to see happen? First series: tech has ball, Georgia defers (so they can score their 5th touchdown to open second half) !st down from gt 25: Roquan tackle for two yard loss. 2nd: Trent Thompson tackle for 2 yd loss. 3rd: Bellamy interception returned to gt 5. 1st down Georgia: fake to NC27, Fromm back shoulder throw to Wims for TD. Mark it down, y’all.


  3. Dog in Fla

    He’s no Piltdown Man.


  4. McTyre

    I don’t rely on a stat sheet to assess whether Carter has had a good game, as I watch the games. His Swiss army knife deployment aside, when he’s either rushing the passer or has edge responsibility on running plays Carter is simply not making enough plays for a player of his talent and experience. I’m starting to wonder whether Scherer is as good at player development as he is at recruiting. Sacks aren’t the only indicator of “affecting the QB”, but SEC sack rankings of 11th (2017), 6th (2016) and 10th (2015) aren’t acceptable for our reportedly good OLB-DE talent. Obviously, our lofty points and yards allowed rankings indicate defensive success, but we needed pass rush (and edge contain) versus Auburn and will need it again at key moments in the SECCG (and in any CFP game).


  5. 69Dawg

    I’m I the only person that thinks the GT DB’s are very very small. They maybe fast but they are real short. This game will depend on the Duke method of defeating them. We have got to out time of possession them and out rush them. They will run the clock out on their own with their offense if we can just get two TD’s ahead. Hit that QB early and often and beat his butt.