“I think Mecole is getting more and more aggressive.”

One guy on this team has been acting like a hunter lately.

The 5-foot-11, 183-pounder from Bowman, Ga., has been dynamic in back-to-back games for the Bulldogs, following up his 203 all-purpose yards in the 40-17 loss at Auburn on Nov. 11 with 105 against the Wildcats, including 81 on just three special-teams touches.

In addition to his 26-yard return on the opening kickoff, Hardman had a 20-yard punt return in the second quarter and a 35-yard kickoff return in the third quarter. Hardman’s punt return and his 35-yard kickoff return ignited touchdown drives for the Bulldogs, who pulled away for their 10th victory in 11 tries entering this week’s game at Georgia Tech…

Hardman’s performances the past two weekends — he had 142 yards on kickoff returns and 43 yards on punt returns at Auburn — have vaulted him into the conversation about the Southeastern Conference’s premier returners. Hardman leads the SEC in kickoff returns with an average of 27.2 yards, and he ranks second in punt returns with a 10.8-yard clip.

Hardman’s been that close to breaking one off for a touchdown on a couple of occasions.  If he decides to take one to the house at BDS Saturday, you won’t hear me complaining about it.


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16 responses to ““I think Mecole is getting more and more aggressive.”

  1. J-Dawg

    It’s really encouraging to see a young Dawg take up the slack from joystick. No matter the outcome of this season I look forward to many more dominating seasons from UGA. We are once again the big bully on the block.



    He has heart. Something you can’t Coach. I wish he could get to 200 pounds. The way He plays he could use it.


  3. Mayor

    All that is great but running it out of the end zone to the 27 yard line on average–take a knee for crying out loud! When the Dawgs lose a game because Mecole fumbled a kickoff return at the 20 and the other team scored off it you and everyone else will feel differently.


  4. WF Dawg

    Anyone know why AU, who has the ability to kick it out of the back of the endzone, seemed determined to make Hardman return it? I mean, punt fumble aside, that strategy wasn’t working for them.


  5. TXBaller

    Get Mecole the damn ball!


  6. Uglydawg

    He’s fearless. I’ll bet he makes it happen soon..and more than once.


  7. Macallanlover

    He is getting close, but if it isn’t a line drive kickoff, take the free 25 yards on anything past 3 yards in the end zone.


  8. DoubleDawg1318

    He’s promising but I think he lacks the shiftiness that sprung iMac. Hardman tends to run hard in a straight line until he hits someone. He’s going to need some great blocking to spring one for a TD.


  9. Will Trane

    Hardman is searching. That is good.
    Wims, now he is an aggressive, mean dude. He wants the ball. And he will stick his pads in your earhole!