One other thing I’m grateful for

… is not buying into the offer that if I just tossed a few more 2017 dollars into the Hartman Fund, I’d hit that sweet 20,000-point threshold that would allow me to buy SECCG tickets from the school.

Oh, you did?  Sorry about that.

Reserved (Non-club) tickets were awarded to eligible patrons who requested with a 2017 Hartman Fund cumulative priority of 32,701 points and higher.

Ticket Limits

  • 6 tickets: 2017 Hartman Fund donors who contributed $10,000 or more AND/OR Magill Society members in the midst of $100,000 commitments or above with a Hartman Fund priority points score of 32,701 and higher were able to secure up to 6 tickets.
  • 4 tickets: 2017 Hartman Fund donors who contributed $5,000 or more AND/OR Magill Society members in the midst of $50,000-$99,999 commitments with a Hartman Fund priority points score of 32,701 and higher were able to secure up to 4 tickets.
  • 2 tickets:  2017 Hartman Fund donors who contributed $1,100 or more AND/OR Magill Society members in the midst of $25,000-$49,999 commitments with a Hartman Fund priority points score of 32,701 and higher were able to secure up to 2 tickets.

All SEC Championship game tickets will be sent via “Print at Home” by Wednesday, November 29th.        

Championship game point cutoffs were determined by arranging Hartman Fund and Magill Society donors in priority point rank order and by assigning tickets based on availability.

You got played, my friend.  20,000 was never gonna cut it and they knew that when they offered the buy in.  It’s nothing personal, though.  Of course, that’s part of the problem when Butts-Mehre is only focused on wallets.  Next time, try to be a little more committed to the G.


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40 responses to “One other thing I’m grateful for

  1. I didn’t even think of kicking in a couple of Gs to get to the 20,000 plateau for the right to order. That appeal was pure greed and nothing else. Likely to do exactly the same for post-season tickets as well.

    As a wise guy once wrote, “a fool and his money are soon parted.”


  2. Rob Patterson

    Money grab!!


  3. Uglydawg

    This is why I have a TV.


  4. KornDawg

    I started buying tickets in 2005, I give the bare minimum to keep my seats. My Hartman Fund score is 7500, after 12 years I still can’t order Florida tix. I often ask myself why I keep donating when I could just buy tickets from the scalpers every game. The high priced big games would easily be offset by the lower-interest games. I’ll never get to the level where I can get SECCG tix, or playoff games. This post just reinforces that.


    • Rob P

      I’ve had season tickets since the mid 70s, and I ask myself the same question. Was able to get 2 tix, fewer than I had requested. I keep them in case one of my grandkids goes to UGA, and I’ll have more of a reason to go. With 3 cupcakes on the home schedule, it really isn’t worth the investment, especially when they pull this crap.


  5. Yo

    I’m pretty sure I called the +30k threshold for tickets.


    • ATL Dawg

      And I’m pretty sure they communicated that the cutoff would probably be around 30k. Don’t pat yourself on the back too hard.



    All playoff games championship games are so corporate driven it’s not even funny . Such a shame for the people who are the real backbone of the program.


    • PTC DAWG

      I have never been at a louder game than the SECCG’s…not sure there are as many corporate folks as you think there…


      • Macallanlover

        Because most corporations use those rickets for their customers who are fans of the schools playing. Great way to cement relations, right there with Masters tickets, or invites to play a round there. Many laugh about corporate entertainment but it is a helluva lot cheaper to be able to entertain big customers at special events than compete in bidding wars for business favors.


      • Gaskilldawg

        A lot of those tickets distributed to corporate types wound up on the secondary market and bought by folks such as you and I who paid a lot more than face value for them.



    These games are so corporate driven it’s not even funny. Such a shame for all of us fans who are the real backbone of the program.



    The demand is obviously there….


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    As low as $350 on Stub Hub


  10. Wait until the students find out how few of them get to go!


  11. Mayor

    Lying to and cheating it’s own fans. That’s the Georgia Way. That’s why I stopped giving anything to UGA years ago. That and Michael Adams.


  12. Castleberry

    There was another angle on that for folks who contribute say $3000 a year, 2000 more would get them to the point where they could buy four tickets.

    There was something else that caught my eye in the update. The University doles out 5000 of the tickets to folks that are not donors. I am all for students getting a big cut but would love to see the breakdown of the 5000 seats. How many of them are getting in the hands of friends of the administration/athletic association instead of folks who have contributed 32,000 freaking dollars to the fund? Can we get an open records request on what constitutes “other institutional needs” and who got the seats?


    The SEC is responsible for the Football Championship ticket procedures. 32,600 tickets (16,300 per school) are allocated to the participating institutions. The SEC distributes the remaining tickets to the SEC office, sponsors, suites, Mercedes-Benz lease holders and SEC Championship season ticket holders. UGA’s ticket allotment is distributed amongst TGBC donors, UGA faculty/staff, UGA students and other institutional needs. There were approximately 11,400 tickets that were distributed to TGBC donors.


  13. Aladawg

    Which begs the question where did the other4,900(16,300-11,400) go?


  14. Sanford222view

    I just missed on one set of tickets I am involved with that had just over 31,000 points. The other set I have did make the cutoff but I can’t remember if we gave enough to get four tickets. I will have to look that up!


  15. Sanford222view

    Speaking of watching on TV, does anyone know of a good spot to watch with fellow Bulldogs in NYC besides American Whiskey bar? I need somewhere that under 21-ers can attend.


  16. steve

    Isn’t this like new parents charging their newborn the fee for being delivered? And then circumcising the boys with needle-nose pliers and a propane torch?


  17. Debby Balcer

    We missed it by 2701 points. We have gotten to go to every SEC game except this one. Last time we only had two tickets instead of four. Sad thing is some of those who got six will be selling them instead of attending. Have been season ticket holders since 1989s.


  18. HVL Dawg

    Turkeys get eaten.


  19. Bright Idea

    Only a few bucks would have gotten me to 30K. Thank goodness I didn’t bite. Only 11,400 tickets to donors means lots of disappointment.


  20. Soccerdawg

    I had a really good year a few years ago and I called the ticket office wanting to know what level of giving I would have to meet to get better seats nearer the 50. The rep told me I didn’t have that much money. I now give he bare minimum.


  21. Whatever the market will bear. When we played Arkansas UGA had all these limits but when I called their ticket office they were happy to sell me up to 6. I bought 2 and went by myself. I couln’t sell my single until right before kickoff and then I only got face.


  22. SemperFiDawg

    Just sell the Porsche.


  23. lakedawg

    This one really burns me, have always gotten 4 for the game and sitting with over 50,000 points and can not get but 2 tickets. That was sneaky requiring the annual to be 5 grand.b


  24. I’ve had 4 season tickets since 1986- and rank in the top 18% of all season ticket holders and got zero tickets. That was the last straw for me. I’ll gladly pay a premium on Stubhub to attend the games I really want to see live and invest the rest on upgrading my home viewing experience. They’ve shown me The Georgia Way for the last time. I feel sorry for the guy who takes my place from now on thinking they will be fair about rewarding those who have carried the program for decades. It’s a scam. Screw them.


    • SG

      Sorry to hear that. I am just 3 years into my season tickets and struggle with the concept of donating when I would come out ahead via stub hub. The only things that keep me going is #1 I like the fellow season ticket holders around me, #2 I live in Athens and want my kids to be able to go to games. I will only give minimum and know I wont ever get sec champ tix or other tix of value.