For such a poorly played game…

… the Egg Bowl was not without its entertaining moments.  This one was my favorite.

He managed to follow that up later by getting tossed after he committed his second personal foul of the night.  This was his exit.

It’s got to be the nastiest rivalry in the country at this point, doesn’t it?  And just wait until the NCAA lays down the last word in the Ole Miss investigation…


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11 responses to “For such a poorly played game…

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    The patented “Cam Newton”. Always fun.


  2. Spike

    Hotty Toddy.. Enjoy oblivion Ole Miss when the NCAA gets done with you.


  3. 83Dawg

    Just don’t post the Fitzgerald injury clip. I almost barfed up the turkey when I saw that one.


  4. I like how ole Miss was tweeting about how they’re all family and classy when Fitzgerald got hurt and then went straight to trashy celebrations. Just as with the “amateur” sport BS, I’m tired of seeing the “all in”, “family”, “it just means more” bullshit. It’s a farce. Something to cover up how dirty the conference has become.

    It also says a lot about the kind of person Ole Miss recruits. I mean..I’m sure these top WRs and athletes go to play ball under the confederate flag. I’m sure they love the state. Everything about Ole Miss makes me cringe.

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  5. southernlawyer11

    not sure what the exact rules are, but if we can poach any of their receivers when the NCAA lays down a second year bowl ban, we could absolutely use about 3 of them.


  6. Russ

    Didn’t realize it was the same guy. Pretty funny.


  7. Opelikadawg

    There was also their receiver who drew a flag for hiking his leg like a dog after he scored. It was classless but still kind of funny.


  8. SCDawg

    I think he got ejected for punching a red in the face. Maybe cost himself a little NFL money. But the fumble recovery was hilarious. And he had a really good game.