The Aught Bowl

Yes, my heart and mind are in Atlanta today, but rest assured, Vanderbilt, that you’re in my thoughts, too.

Anchor down, you sumbitches.


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7 responses to “The Aught Bowl

  1. Doug

    I can still remember the UT-UGA game my senior year, nearly two decades ago, when we came in with sky-high hopes but ended up with a 22–3 whupping. The Vol fans were all walking out of the stadium holding up little orange cards with the number 8 on them, as in the number of times in a row they’d beaten us.

    Interesting to see how the meaning of that number has changed, to say the least.


    • Brandon

      Ah, a man of my own time, I remember that day and the trip to Knoxville the year before and the year after. I’ll never forget, they can never lose enough for me.


  2. Uglydawg

    If Tennessee were Ohio State, Herbie would be arguing that if they could win today they should still be in the CFP.
    A Vandy win today would be a beautiful thing..
    (of course the toothless, orange hoard is pulling for GT to beat us, so tit for tat )


  3. Brandon

    One way or another, somebody’s Blowing the Admiral.

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  4. Macallanlover

    Anchor Down mates, throw another shovel of waste on the hated Viles. If Vandy can’t slow TN’s run down just decently, they will win. TN is a dysfunctional program on, and off, the field, but I fear they are capable of winning against a Vandy defense that has deteriorated since late September. Hunker down one more time. Ugly game, glad I have better options to watch today.

    Go Dores!!


  5. S

    The anchor landed down on Tennessee. Vandy won 42-24 to win their 4th game in the last 6.