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Storming your way through the SEC

What a difference a year makes.

It’s almost like Kirby sat down after last season ended, made a to-do list and then checked off all the boxes on it.


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Quick — no peeking!

With Alabama’s loss, which SEC team currently sports the conference’s longest winning streak?


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The player formerly known as Roquan

He played so lights out against Georgia Tech — nine tackles, eight solo, with three tackles for loss including a sack –that I’m going to refer to him from now on simply as “R”.


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If we measure a man by his pettiness…

… then Corch is the greatest college football coach of our era.

Seriously, does this look like the face of a man who enjoys what he’s doing?

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I’d say, stay classy, ‘Cock fans, except I expect I’d be wasting bandwidth.


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Nick Saban is not happy he has to make time for this shit.

A dour man now faces a situation in which he has to go on a charm offensive, and, judging from this first volley, it’s gonna take a lot of effort on his part.

“I think this team deserves an opportunity to get in the playoff by what they’ve been able to accomplish and what they’ve been able to do,” Saban said after the game. “Certainly not maybe in this game, but I think the team we played tonight is a very good football team, probably one of the best teams in the country.

“They won 11 games, and not many teams are able to do that. I really don’t know what all the scenarios might be where we’d have an opportunity to do it, but I’d certainly like to see this team get an opportunity to do it.”

I mean, really, is this what Nick Saban returned to college football for?

If it doesn’t work — and you’d have to think that if Auburn wins its rematch with Georgia in the SECCG, Alabama’s chances are pretty much toast — which of these alternatives seems the most likely course of action for Nick to take?

  • (a) add a full-time PR staff to the support army Saban already has at his disposal to work the media and selection committee non-stop; or
  • (b) begin lobbying hard for the playoffs to expand to eight teams

I’m leaning towards (c) both.  Saban is nothing if not thorough.


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“I tried to run the clock all the way down. I guess 40 seconds was too long.”

When you’re a genius sifting through the rubble of another crappy season, it’s always easier to blame your defensive coordinator than the fact that you’re a lousy recruiter.


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Selection committee, please. You’re better than this.

If this winds up being the culmination of a great regular season…

… just fucking shoot me now and put me out of my misery.

Seriously, for those of you jonesing for a Meyer-Saban debate, just put ’em in a bowl game together and let the rest of us enjoy the way things have played out.


UPDATE:  Stewart Mandel, of all people, with the eloquent rebuttal.


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“I hate the way we went out.”

Speak for yourself, TaQuon.  Personally speaking, this ain’t about to get old any time soon.

With regard to that, I kidded earlier in the week about hoping to have the opportunity leaving BDS to wish Tech fans a happy bowl season.  They were too numbed by the outcome to give Georgia folks grief, so I kept my tongue… except on the way back to the car, walking down 10th Street, some dumbass leaned out of his car window to yell, “Piss on them Dawgs!” and I took that as an invitation to express my good wishes for his team’s December.

The amazing thing was that it worked.  He sheepishly withdrew and moved on.

Consider that my contribution to the cause, Kirby.


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