I’d say, stay classy, ‘Cock fans, except I expect I’d be wasting bandwidth.


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  1. From the school that brought you Steve Taneyhill…


  2. Skeeter

    In Columbia, they spell it “Klassy” with a “K”, like it was a strip club.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    They (and the Clemson fans) can thank Spurrier for not recruiting during his last two years in Columbia.


  4. Meh! What fan base doesn’t have trash?


  5. tryptic

    nothing like linking to a story from The Anderson Independent-Mail’s Orange and White website (a cub Clemson beat reporter) who got to turn the screws just a bit [I’ve never seen an opposing club come and intentionally taunt the USC student section before a game]

    … and then have the added benefit of getting UGA fans (led by the ultimate Hoo-Dawg) getting to sneer, too …

    nice Steve Taneyhill throw-down there, sdmcdonough! I mean you really got us with that one … from, what, 1994-1995? wow, you are really killing it…

    I remember when y’all booed an injured USC player at Sanford stadium ….


    • The Dawg abides

      Enjoy being irrelevant, prick.


    • OrlandoDawg

      Bless your heart.


    • Hobnail_Boot

      USC has never played at Sanford, though a Dawgs/Trojans home and home would be incredibly exciting.


    • 81Dog

      so, you’re good with S Carolina students and fans throwing bottles and garbage on the field? Figures.

      the correct answer would be “That was something to be embarrassed about, regardless of how the Clemson players acted. Two low class acts don’t make either of them right.”

      But, go ahead and deflect from what a low class train wreck your crowd is by making up shit that has zero to do with yesterday. You probably ARE Steve Taneyhill. Enjoy the mullet.

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  6. Mike Cooley

    Why are you even here?


  7. 83Dawg

    I was there the night that they were arresting UGA fans, after the game, for throwing stadium cups to USC kids who who were jumping up and down and asking for them.


    • 81Dog

      Columbia is a humid, festering hellhole that makes Macon GA look like Paris. The 19th century politician who described S Carolina as “Too small to be a nation, too large to be an insane asylum” nailed it.


      • tryptic

        Literally, that’s the best you can do?

        ~ The Dawg Abides … nice language. Your momma teach you to talk like that?
        ~ Orlando – Well, bless yours, too. At least you’re more Southern than TDA.
        ~ 81 Dog – you’re absolutely killing me on the Steve Taneyhill schtick. I was at Sanford in ’93 and will always, always remember the look in y’all’s eyes as you had to walk out betwixt your hedges to a loss to Taneyhill’s club. Hope you were there, too. Oh, and despite your best effort to be snarky (and you were doing so good until then), that was a quote by James Petigru (USC g. 1809) and it technically should be “too small to be a republic ..” but then I wouldn’t expect more from you so Ill let it pass this time. [Of course, Petigru was a Unionist during the secession crisis, and Georgia seceded a month after we did, so – again – tell me how its apropos? Oops. I know. It isn’t. Nice try, though]. A much better anti-Columbia rant was “they ruined a damned fine plantation to make a damned poor town”. There, you owe me.
        ~ Hobnail – oh that is really, really funny!
        ~ Mike Cooley – obviously just to piss you off. Get over yourself.