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The most interesting SEC coaching story of the offseason

… may be unfolding at Mississippi State, which has reportedly offered its head coaching job to Jeremy Pruitt.

I have no idea if he’s ready to become a head coach, but it’ll sure be fascinating to watch and find out.


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Jimmy Sexton is having (another) good day.

Holy mother of crap.

“If Dan Mullen is worth $6 million a year, how much is a coach who crushed Mullen’s team worth?”  You can see the thought balloon forming above Sexton’s head as you read this.

Enjoy your offseason, Greg.


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Gawd still likes me.

Todd Grantham is rumored to be one of the assistant coaches at Mississippi State expected to follow Dan Mullen to Florida.


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How much does “been there, done that” matter?

Chip Towers argues that Kirby’s version of “in the arena” is a positive for Georgia’s players.

It was fascinating to hear Smart matter-of-factly break down where the Bulldogs were in terms of preparation for the SEC Championship Game while he was still standing in the Georgia Tech weight room a half hour after Georgia’s 38-7 season-ending victory. At the time, the Bulldogs still didn’t know whether they’d be facing Alabama or Auburn in the SEC title game.

“We’ll be getting ready as the game goes on,” Smart said as Bama and Auburn were just kicking off in the Iron Bowl. “They’ve got everything broken down on Alabama and we’ve got everything broken down on Auburn, so we’re set to go. I’ve been through this several times before where you didn’t know, where you had to wait until the last week. That’s just the way you prepare.”

Last season was the first time Smart hadn’t participated in the SEC Championship Game since 2013. Five times he prepared for it as Alabama’s defensive coordinator and once as running backs coach at Georgia in 2005. Four times his team came out on the winning side.

So Smart enters this game with a tried-and-true method. Ultimately, it will come down to execution and blocking and tackling as football always does. But if the Bulldogs fail, it’s not likely because the coaching staff didn’t see something coming.

“You don’t make the moment any bigger than it is,” Smart said of getting ready for this game. “Our team will do a good job of preparing and do the best we can. That’s what it is. I’ve been in a lot of big games as a coach, and I don’t see this one being any different. I wanted to win as a defensive coordinator just as bad as I want to win this one.”

I will say that when it comes to knowing Auburn, Kirby’s got an extensive background.

That the opponent is Auburn isn’t a bad break for Smart either. It would have been the case for Alabama, too, but there probably isn’t an opponent Smart knows better than the Tigers.

“We have a lot of information,” Smart acknowledged.

Do the players buy in to Smart’s message?  Does any of that really matter?  I’d like to think so, but…


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The definition of chutzpah

If this ain’t it, I don’t know what is.

You’re a major component in the “again”, Junior.


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What’s more important than taking the four best teams?

How about “diversity“?

I think I’m gonna fwow up.  Just go ahead and make it a sixteen-team field, so I don’t have to read bullshit like that.  Or, even worse, hear it from the selection committee.


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Today, in nice work if you can get it

One little side note on the Matt Luke retention:

Two straight calls to keep the guy you’ve already got on the payroll?  That has to be the easiest money since McGarity paid $40,000 to a search firm to ratify a hiring decision he’d already made.


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