Musical palate cleanser, young guitar god edition

Jimi Hendrix, were he still alive, would be celebrating his 75th birthday.  Here he is, playing lead guitar on a wild Isley Brothers’ cut, “Testify, parts 1 & 2”.


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5 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, young guitar god edition

  1. Senator, I probably hold a distinction that very few of your readers have, in that I actually saw Jimi Hendrix live. I was 13 years old at the time and an aspiring rock and roll musician. I went with another member of our “band”, such as it was, and looking back, I am sure my parents had no idea what Jimi Hendrix was about. If so, they would have surely declined me the opportunity. Instead, they dropped us off at the concert venue and picked us up 3 hours later. Jimi was to say the least, impressive. He played most his first album, Hey Joe and Voodoo Child. My sister often reminds me of my statement when I came home that night: “This guy is going to change the face of rock music.” And, he did….


  2. Malcolm x

    Loved the palate cleanser. I would go to any church with this music.
    TESTIFY BABEE! Senator, your musical choices are always interesting. Your interior brain must be something.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Great cut, even if it is a day late 😉


  4. rchris

    Wish I knew who the drummer was. A more compelling performance than the guitar player on this particular cut.