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Happy anniversary, baby.

Dang, I almost forgot.  Eleven years ago to the day, I opened up the doors to this joint.

To everyone that’s stopped by, I don’t know why you came, but I deeply appreciate it all the same.  Hopefully the ride is just getting good, if you’re a Georgia fan.

Oh, and as always, thanks, dog.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  You’re my muse.


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Workin’ the refs is work.

Danielson, as Auburn’s win over Alabama neared an end, told viewers that Smart had told him he had turned in six plays to the SEC in which Smart felt Auburn defenders had been holding in its 40-17 win over Georgia on Nov. 11. The comments came during a production meeting six days after the game, as Georgia was preparing to play Kentucky. When Smart was asked about that this past Monday at his press conference, he offered a three-word response: “Yeah, no comment.”

Danielson, speaking during a CBS teleconference on Wednesday, did not back down from the accuracy of the comments or going public with them.

“I can only say that I’m comfortable with the information that I presented during the game. And I think Kirby will be too. And if he isn’t it’s really not my problem,” Danielson said. “I work very heard at developing a trust with the coaches that what they tell me is fair game, and the fine line of off-the-record and on-the-record sometimes gets uncomfortable, but I don’t think I crossed any lines, and I don’t think Kirby thinks I crossed any lines.”

Somehow I doubt Kirby’s too upset about the publicity.  In fact, Nessler thinks Danielson did him a favor.

Brad Nessler jumped in to offer his take: That it was fairly routine and Smart wasn’t very animated when he mentioned it during that pre-Kentucky production meeting.

“He didn’t make that big deal about it, and neither did we, because I thought it’s something routine. I hear it all the time,” Nessler said. “If I was Kirby I’d send Gary a thank-you note. Because I’ve watched John Calipari do this for his whole lifetime in coaching. He works refs in the first half so he can get a call in the second half. So if a broadcaster brings something up I would look at it as a positive and not a negative.”

As organized and buttoned-down as he’s been all season, I lean here more towards Smart, the eleven-dimensional chess player than I do Mr. Loose Lips.  So, thanks, Gary.  Hope Steve Shaw was tuned in and listening.


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Especially for Jimmy Sexton:

Invariably, some of it has to land on Smart. After all, his team dominated the Eastern Division this season and he is at least partially responsible for the coaching dominoes that are suddenly falling all over the SEC.

Florida hired Dan Mullen from Mississippi State earlier this week. Yesterday, we learned that the Gators are going to pay him $6.1 million a year.

Tennessee has yet to find their guy to replace Butch Jones. Jones was making $5 million a year as the Vols’ head coach. But according to several published reports, they’ve offered his prospective replacement somewhere in the neighborhood of $6 to $7 million. Apparently that hasn’t been enough to get somebody to come to Knoxville and try to put out that raging tire fire.

Heck, Kentucky’s Mark Stoops is actually making more than Smart. He received a contract extension and pay increase earlier this fall that will eventually take his salary to $4.75 in a stair-step escalation format.

None of this takes into account what will eventually happen at Arkansas and Texas A&M. Considering that the Aggies paid Kevin Sumlin $10 million to go away, logic would have it that they’ll probably pay a good bit for a coach to come in.

So, coming back to Smart, Georgia is simply going to have to change his financial picture just based on the market adjustment.


Sometimes, a reserve fund’s gotta do what a reserve fund’s gotta do.


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Today, in hot takes

Barton Simmons opines that Mike Gundy, in turning down the Tennessee job to stay at Oklahoma State, didn’t do himself any coaching favors.  Arguing that Gundy would have an easier path to the CFP out of Tennessee, he reasons,

But for Gundy and other coaches around the country, the path to the playoffs shouldn’t deter them from an SEC jump. In fact, the path looks significantly tougher to get out of his own conference — the Big 12. The way the Big 12 schedules are constructed, Oklahoma State plays nine conference games, as opposed to the SEC’s eight. The SEC typically replaces that ninth game with an FCS-level team in what is effectively a bye week. The Big 12 schedules are all backloaded heavily with some of the conference’s most important games. If you’re fortunate enough to make it to the Big 12 Championship Game, you’re guaranteed to be facing a rematch, similar to what we’re seeing this year with Oklahoma being asked to beat TCU for the second time in a month in order to reach the playoff.

Additionally, the Big 12 has emerged as a much more balanced conference than the SEC. Aside from Kansas, every team in the conference is competitive and well-coached. If you exclude games involving Kansas, 75 percent of conference games in the Big 12 were within two scores. Contrast that with the SEC that has seen regular blowouts throughout the conference and currently has playoff contenders feasting on everyone from Vanderbilt to Tennessee to Arkansas. There’s certainly an up-cycle in store for some of those programs but right now, the weekly grind is more taxing in the Big 12 than the SEC.

The Big 12 is currently the only conference to be left out of two of the three College Football Playoffs. If TCU beats Oklahoma this weekend, it’s probably going to be three of the four. Meanwhile, Georgia has only played two competitive conference games all year and is one win away from the playoff…

Aside from the simple fact that three of the top teams in the SEC are in the CFP hunt and that Tennessee plays two of those three every season (and would be facing the third if it were in the SECCG), the job Gundy was considering is Tennessee.  You can’t feast on yourself, genius.


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Let’s hear it for S&P+.

Bill Connelly’s computer speaks:

SEC: Georgia 26 (+2.5), Auburn 25 (4 p.m. ET, CBS)

Georgia’s win probability: 53 percent

Here’s your reminder that analytics look at the whole season. They don’t care how overwhelmed Georgia’s offensive line and quarterback became against Auburn’s defensive front over the course of the Tigers’ 40-17 win. For that matter, they don’t care that AU running back Kerryon Johnson, who torched UGA for 167 yards three weeks ago, is now dealing with a shoulder injury.

All S&P+ sees is that, over the course of 12 games each, Georgia graded out as the slightly better team. We’ll see how much context ends up mattering.

Selfishly speaking, I hope it matters just enough.

By the way, if you’re interested, F/+, which is the love child of Bill’s and Brian Fremeau’s advanced stats profiles, ranks college football’s top three teams as follows:  Alabama, Auburn and Georgia.  And it’s close.


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Random CFP thought

I’m not an ESPN Insider subscriber, so I can’t read the entire piece, but this Phil Steele post about how Vegas’ top 25 looks begs the question, at least for me:  would the process of selecting the four teams for the CFP be better served by outsourcing the whole thing to Vegas bookmakers?  I don’t see how they would be worse at it than the experts on the selection committee, and at least we’d no longer have concerns about conflicts of interest.  (As Randy Newman might quip, they could leave their hats on.)

Just a thought…


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Danielson: “Kirby took the high road”.

Gary thinks Kirby is jonesing for another shot at Malzahn.


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Now he needs us.

Maybe it’s just me, but after watching Butts-Mehre shake down the fan base for a few extra contribution dollars with its SECCG ticket threshold scam, I find this a little detached from reality, albeit in a wistful sort of way.

Do wallets make a lot of stadium noise when you wave them around?

Maybe Kirby can work on a more equitable distribution policy when he has Sexton sit down with McGarity this winter.


UPDATE:  If you want to help Kirby, it’s gonna cost you.


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If you want a pithy analysis of Georgia’s chances in the SECCG…

Matt Hinton delivers.

The Bulldogs are who they are; the results in Atlanta will be a matter of execution.



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As the dumpster fire burns…

Welp, that escalated quickly.

To recap:  Tennessee offered someone who’s never sniffed a national championship Nick Saban money to coach its football team and was turned down.  I think we may actually be beyond Jimmy Sexton’s wildest dreams already.


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