As the dumpster fire burns…

Welp, that escalated quickly.

To recap:  Tennessee offered someone who’s never sniffed a national championship Nick Saban money to coach its football team and was turned down.  I think we may actually be beyond Jimmy Sexton’s wildest dreams already.


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  1. Knoxville has to be on meltdown alert now. This is starting to look like an SOD type of hiring.


  2. Biggus Rickus

    He sniffed one in 2011, but that’s his high water mark, and the years since have been good but not great. So basically, you’re right, that offer is insane. Tennessee should probably bite the bullet and go find a coordinator to hire, but I have a feeling the AD is fearing for his job at this point if he doesn’t do something splashy to placate the fans.


    • Well, I was using “sniff” in the context of being on the sideline, but you’re right, OSU was in the computer mix right up until that point.


    • Macallanlover

      If the criteria is those with a MNC ring, they will remain without a coach for decades. I know that would be touted as a selling point to the ones hired but that is a pretty empty decision point: Cheetzik, Coker, Brown, Miles, etc. are available. For $7MM you might can get a package deal.


  3. Cojones

    Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Couldn’t happen to a better administration.

    Reckon you were right, Senator; we are gonna need lots more popcorn. How about we have a contest of an AD/Coach agreement date. Uhhmmm, I’ll take July 4th, 2018.


  4. Not that I wanted to see UT hire the next Saban, but I don’t think it helps us for them to become another Vandy either. I want them to win enough to pad our resume. Instead, this is turned into the kind of shit-show that will result in several years of desert wandering.


  5. CPark58

    Les Miles has to feel like a former all state basketball player getting picked last in a ymca pickup game.


  6. Cojones

    Posted earlier, but didn’t take:

    This puts UT administration between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Nice title to this full-fledged soap opera; “As the dumpster fire burns”. Can see the shiny student faces next to the fire uncontrollably feeding it with their new-found complaint power riding high in this show to which there will be no good end. Can anyone contemplate this outcome where students get to stamp approval of a new football coach? The possibilities are endless.

    Why in hell did Gundy apply for the job if he wasn’t going to take $7M/yr? Didn’t think the Pickens trouble was about money. Counteroffer or promise of cooperation?


    • Mayor

      Leverage. Gundy got something he wanted. Maybe it was just seeing his name all over the media being pursued by UT, a supposed big time program. He can use this in future salary talks with Okie State. Maybe it was just vanity.


    • Sanford222view

      I don’t think he applied for it. UT approached him. UF supposedly did as well and he turned them down before they got Mullen.


  7. truck

    I’ve been writing to Santa Clause for years, and now I see he got my letters after all. ”Tis the season. 😀


  8. JG Shellnutt

    Funny, last night we went to Buffalo Wild Wing, my kid picked that for his birthday dinner. Anyway, in the booth next to us came one Brian Van Gorder. He is a defensive analyst for Oklahoma State now. When one of the sports channels began talking about Gundy to Tennessee, BVG announced rather loudly, “Never gonna happen.” Guess he was right.


  9. Butler T. Reynolds

    Let Tennessee’s bad fortune be a reminder to all of us fans to savor the good times while they last. We’re pretty good at that, though. We’ve been sucking the marrow out of that 1980 season for a long time now with pretty low coaching turnover to go along with it.

    What happens in Athens is out of our control. For all we know we could be in their shoes sooner than we could imagine.

    It makes this Wikipedia entry on Sanford Stadium seem hard to believe:

    “Georgia’s fans have only rushed the field and torn down the goal posts once in the stadium’s history. This happened on October 7, 2000, after the Bulldogs beat rival Tennessee for the first time since 1988. “

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  10. Bill June

    This has the making of Ray Goff 2.0. Search committee botches the initial overtures and then settles on the inexperienced position coach who played QB, is a good guy, will unite the fan base, can really recruit, loves the school and will bring back the glory days from an era gone by.

    Tee Martin, COME ON DOWN!!


  11. 3rdandGrantham

    Their choices now are guys like Chad Morris at SMU and the NCST coach. At the rate they are going, soon Schiano will look like a top shelf coach in comparison. Of course, the delusion continues with many of their fans, as they now want the AD to go after guys like Petersen and Shaw.

    My favorite conversation on their VolNation board was them convincing themselves that, worst case, they’ll hire Tee Martin, who would be a better hire than Kirby Smart, as CKS was a mere Saban puppet all those years. In other words, even though they keep striking out, they still are guaranteed to end up in a better spot than we did with Smart.

    Those guys just can’t come to grips with the fact that their program is a mere shell of what it once was. Kinda like a manager at Sears who arrives to work daily thinking any day sales will start picking back up to 1990’s levels again.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      The irony is that this isn’t the first, second or even third time the Hillbillies have been through the coaching search disaster. You’d think that after a string of train wreck head coaching hires, they’d start to realize the job ain’t what it used to be and manage their expectations accordingly. They deserve the ongoing tire fire that exists in the UT athletic department along with all of the severance payments still being paid to the former coaches.


  12. Macallanlover

    Think Gundy turned FU away earlier so why would be take an interview with TN? Must be the smell of desperation and a chance at an easy layup to increase his meager $4MM salary. Think Gundy would have been pretty effective at TN with a good DC, glad he passed. TN fans are tiring of being the national CFB joke, want this search ended yesterday. Majority would even take Kiffin or Tee Martin at this point, there are so many better choices but they seem determined to screw this up. Funny, it seems to be “we my be idiots but at least Tee is one of us”. No, he may not be qualified to a be an SEC HC but he isn’t an idiot like the majority of fans driving this bus. They may just run Cade Mays into our arms yet.


  13. Got Cowdog

    I’m going to take one for the team and send in my resume. I’ll coach ’em for 3 million /year, two year minimum with an option for a third. The buyout will simply be the remainder of contract. I get to pick the staff. Please be kind to me in the comments next season, for I will always be a Dawg at heart. Go Vols!


  14. 92 grad

    They should hire Spurrier ‘s son. It’s a name, young guy, offensive, and probably would put together a good staff.


  15. Spike

    The Duke coach turned them down. DUKE!


  16. Mayor

    UT looks more and more desperate with each passing day.


  17. Uglydawg

    I can’t wait for the S-storm if they offer Kiffiin.
    Honestly, a great fit for them would be James Franklin, but I think they’ve pissed him off to the point that no amount of money could get him.
    Plus, PSU would probably trump any offer by a good bit.


  18. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    The money? Not terribly surprised by the number. That’s in the ballpark of what the SEC seems to be paying new hires and they are probably going to have to pay that, or more, to attract anyone into the position.
    Seems like the longer this takes for the Vols to get something done, the bigger the impact on recruiting. I wouldn’t be optimistic that they will sign any kind of decent class in February.


  19. UT and it’s fan base deserve this and for so many reasons.


  20. Red Cup

    Is Johnny Major still available?


  21. AusDawg85

    SOD was brilliant…Opportunity is NOWHERE at UT..


  22. Will Trane

    Vols and Gators have the same problem.
    It is their ADs.
    Should have terminated those guys first before hiring a HC.
    After all Mullen was not Gators first choice. They were turned down. They got desperate.
    UT. Their entire program is struggling now. Pearl, Jones, Dooley, etc, and the hits keep coming for them.
    There is a D1 coach in their state if they would give him a look.
    Remember UT suffers from a mythopoeic condition. They have created a myth among their alums and fan base that they are Bama in orange. Where is that record?
    Next to UF the most elitist university in the SEC.


  23. Cousin Eddie

    Bring back the Great Pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!! Chavez is available, he can put the band back together.


  24. DawgFlan

    Looks like they are going all in on Brohm… If he says yes, they may have actually lucked into making the best possible hire. If he says no, I will giggle like a schoolgirl.


  25. Stoopnagle

    AD cacked this up letting the #grumors get out of hand. This is a job for a seasoned, ready-to-make-the-jump co-ordinator. They’ve already struck out on three consecutive guys with HC experience. Meanwhile, we’ve passed them with 2 consecutive co-ordinator hires. But, hey, spend your money UT. Spend it all!


  26. DurtyRyDawg

    They would have to hire Peyton frickin’ Manning to keep the townsfolk from burning it all down at this point. That’s as splashy as it could get for those people.


  27. DawgByte

    ESPN Deportes is reporting that Currie is getting advise from Nancy Pelosi. Well, that explains a whole lot!!!


  28. TMC DAWG

    All this couldn’t happen to a finer university! Ha ha