Meanwhile, in Oxford

A shoe is finally about to drop.

Ole Miss has received its 24-hour notice of a Committee on Infractions ruling, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation told the Clarion Ledger.

That means a decision, including the penalties Ole Miss will receive, is supposed to come Frida morning. It will also detail any punishment for participants in the case, including former head coach Hugh Freeze and several former assistant coaches and staff members.

And you may have missed this news from earlier in the week.

Is he just the first ahead of others?  Stay tuned.


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13 responses to “Meanwhile, in Oxford

  1. BigD

    Maybe Hugh is recruiting him to UGA?


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    The fact that they made Luke their permanent coach tells me everything I need to know about what Ole Miss is about to get hit with. That was Ole Miss finally waving the white flag after years of push back and basically saying, “ok, drop the hammer on us…we just hired our interim coach at a nominal cost to help get us through the cold winter ahead.”


  3. Kalamazoodawg

    Freeze may not be “consulting” for long if he gets saddled with a show cause.


  4. Scott

    This is probably why the UGA Athletic Department felt the need to let everybody know this morning that Freeze isn’t working for us….at least not any work that he’s getting paid for, whatever that means.


  5. Spike

    The Bagman is holding on line 1.


  6. dawgman3000

    I wish the shoe would drop on Auburn.