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Mixed message in Urnge

Loocee, you got some ‘splaining to do.

How do you give an “acting” athletic director a two-year deal?


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“We’ll see you in Atlanta.”

Kirby Smart thinks his time served under Saban helps Georgia now.

This will be Smart’s seventh time being part of the SEC championship: Five times as an Alabama assistant and once as a Georgia assistant (in 2005). It’s his first time here as a head coach, leading sixth-ranked Georgia (11-1) against second-ranked Auburn (10-2).

The situations aren’t exactly parallel. But Smart granted that the experience of being in this game does help.

“The experience in those is invaluable,” Smart said. “Just being able to control the emotions. Having the kids understand it’s just another game, because if they don’t that’s when they make more mistakes. …

“I wouldn’t diminish the importance of it. I just think you’d better have a process, a routine that you go through. And the kids have been able to follow that.”

I see his point, but we heard how Smart’s experience managing the expectations that come with being tops in the CFP rankings would help Georgia keep emotions under control the first time his team faced Auburn.  That worked out well.


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Lo, a savior has come!

Behold, children!

I love the conceit that a bunch of coaching candidates have been sitting on their hands all this time, waiting on Phil Fulmer to take control.

This is only gonna get better, right?


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Metaphor of the day

Ho, ho, ho.


UPDATE:  It’s easier to buy a tree when you get to your new home than it is to lug one half way across the country.

Jimbo Fisher has resigned as Florida State’s coach and will be named Texas A&M’s new coach, sources told ESPN. Fisher will not coach in the Seminoles’ regular-season finale against Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday. FSU officials plan to announce his resignation Friday afternoon.


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“… an attitude of business as usual.”

Good Lord, these two paragraphs from the NCAA’s COI on Ole Miss:

That second especially is something else.

It looks like Freeze got off relatively lightly because the NCAA believed his story that he didn’t know what was going on, but, jeez, the NCAA is laying out a case that Ole Miss has been cheating for 30+ years — through not one, but two COIs — on an uninterrupted basis!  All that cost the school is a few more scholarships, some lost conference revenue and one more year of bowl ban.  If that doesn’t convince you that the death penalty will never be imposed again, I don’t know what will.

I hope like hell somebody has the fortitude to lay into Greg Sankey about this at his next press conference.  I’m sure he’ll try to BS his way out of it, but he deserves to squirm.  A 30-year old trend of cheating doesn’t go unnoticed.  It just gets ignored.


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The bomb drops on Ole Miss.

Now you know why the school stuck with Matt Luke.

After five years, the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions finally issued a ruling in Ole Miss’s recruiting scandal on Friday morning.

The core penalties, per a source close to Ole Miss:

  • An additional bowl-ban year (2018).
  • Because of that total two-year bowl ban, NCAA rules state Ole Miss players are now free to transfer elsewhere without sitting out a season.  [Emphasis added.]
  • Probation running concurrently with current probation for a total of four years.
  • Financial penalties.
  • A total scholarship reduction of 13 over a period of years. That’s in addition to the 11 over four years that Ole Miss self-imposed, which already meant three or four fewer scholarship players per year.
  • Every coach named in the NCAA’s investigation has received a show-cause (essentially an NCAA blackball for a period of time). That doesn’t include new head coach Matt Luke, who wasn’t named. Former assistant David Saunders’ show-cause runs for eight years. Former staffer Barney Farrar faces five.

It’s open season on Ole Miss players and the future pipeline’s taken a pretty severe hit, too.

Welcome to irrelevancy, fellas.  You’re gonna be there for a while.


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Urnge overload

Jesus, Tennessee football.

Knoxville without a head coach and an athletic director… this can’t possibly be accurate, can it?


UPDATE:  Per Bruce Feldman, who’s pretty plugged in on this,

Word is the meeting with Leach and Tennessee AD John Currie lasted a few hours and went “very well,” SI has learned. And I’m told there would be genuine interest in the Vols job from the Wazzu head man. However this whole deal is complicated by the dynamic swirling around within UT’s leadership. We’ve heard from multiple sources there is a lot of in-fighting, finger-pointing and back-stabbing taking place amongst Tennessee brass. As SI reported earlier this week, there is a growing faction at Tennessee pushing to get Currie removed. Former Vols head coach Phil Fulmer is said to be one of those battling with Currie and that could muck up the process to reel in Leach[Emphasis added.]

That’s the one ingredient that had been missing to make this a perfect dumpster fire recipe.


UPDATE #2:  Apparently it’s real and it’s spectacular.

Tennessee athletic director John Currie, who had been leading a disastrous Vols’ coaching search, has parted ways with the university after meeting with university officials Friday morning, including chancellor Beverly Davenport, sources told ESPN’s Chris Low.


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