Letting it all sink in

The following morning, I’m still coming to grips with the notion of Georgia winning an SEC title in the Saban era.  What this team has already accomplished and what lies ahead has left me a little numb, to be honest.  I’m a victim of sensory overload.

I’ll savor the details later.  I’ll worry about whether the selection committee treated Georgia fairly some other time — ah, hell, it’s found money, so who cares?

Right now, though, more than anything else, what sticks with me is the brief interview on the field after the win with a triumphant Kirby Smart and a clearly reluctant to be in the spotlight Nick Chubb.

What was the difference in this game? 

“It’s real simple — composure and physicality,” Smart said. “That’s all that it was about, composure and physicality and great kids like (Nick Chubb).”

The 31 seniors in this program, what can you say about them and what they mean to this program?

“They’ve meant everything to this program. The leadership that (Chubb) and Sony Michel and the rest of these leaders have provided for us is impeccable,” he continued. “This is an awesome win for our program, for our university and a lot of people around the state of Georgia.”

Nick Chubb was asked a question as well: Aren’t you glad you came back?

“I’m so glad I came back,” he answered.

I can relate to the satisfaction someone takes in implementing a vision and seeing it come to fruition.  The trip Nick Chubb’s had to take — from a promising, yet ultimately disappointing freshman season through a devastating injury that took a level of dedication to overcome that most people will never possess to having to make a decision after a 8-5 season about what had to have been at that time an uncertain future — is something I don’t have the life experience to appreciate in anywhere close to a full sense.

As happy as I am with the win and the championship, it pales in significance to how Nick, the three who elected to stay with him, the rest of Georgia’s seniors and every other member of the 2017 team must feel today.  It’s almost humbling as a Georgia fan.


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14 responses to “Letting it all sink in

  1. ScoutDawg

    Summed up very nicely Sir.


  2. gastr1

    YES. These seniors are DGDs for life. Amazing sacrifice and determination.
    It can’t be said enough.

    I hope they each realize their professional dreams to the fullest after this year.


  3. These seniors have something no one will ever be able to take away — an SEC championship ring. Damn Good Dawgs everyone.


  4. Uglydawg

    Very good words, Senator. For the reasons you stated and a bunch of unsaid stuff, Nick Chubb just might be the greatest Dawg ever…His character and dedication are unmatched..his loyalty and work ethic is unmatched and his talent has only been equaled on rare occasions and exceeded maybe once.


  5. ugafidelis

    You got that right brother.


  6. Congratulatuons to y’all who believed. GoooooDawgs.


  7. And by the way, I stull have the rabbit’s foot. Too bad Gus you’ll just get back the dog crap you love.


  8. Herschel Talker

    In the flurry of all the great news, it’s almost become a side note that Chubb became the 2nd all-time SEC leading rusher! Couldn’t have happened to a better guy. It’s too bad he will finish his career without the Heisman he should have won at some point.

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  9. Mike Cooley

    Very well put, Senator. This has been a truly special season. I don’t think most of us realized to what extent until last night and this morning. And we probably won’t really understand it until some time later. This year, finally, all the things that seemed to always plague us left us alone. Insurmountable injuries, a rash of arrests, players losing interest. This year Scorpio’s often referenced ladies of the night finally decided they had done enough to us. What can you say about Nick at this point? There aren’t adequate superlatives to describe what he has meant and means to this program. The only description befitting him is, for me, he is not simply a damn good dawg. He is the greatest dawg ever. Sony and the other seniors and leaders like Roquan have made this a really special season. I’ll always be thankful for them. And the season isn’t over yet. Go Dawgs!


  10. “I’m so glad I came back,” Nick did everything but drop the mike….Those microphones , TV cameras and talking heads are rat poison and the easiest way to not get poisoned is to avoid the hype. He listens to his family ,Coaches and team mates , because the rest is just noise. O’ by the way the rest of the dawg nation is glad you did too. After Nick is out from under the yoke of the NCAA he should put that on a t-shirt…I’d buy the hell outa that.


  11. MAB

    Senator, I was at the game, and haven’t had a chance to watch the replay to see what CBS commentators were saying, but outside of the stellar job we did of booing the refs in the stadium, and our banter with my seat neighbors, i haven’t seen any discussion of the atrocious first half officiating. Thoughts? Or maybe you are planning to address that in tomorrow’s post.


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